Mario Tennis Aces 3.0 update completes the game a year too late

GR: "Nintendo released the Mario Tennis Aces 3.0 update over the weekend and it's a pretty sizable addition to the sports title. These are all great additions that make the game finally feel complete. The only problem is that the latest patch came nearly a year since it released in June 2018."

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WickedLester5d ago

Its never "too late" to make a game better. Those who already bought it have a reason to revisit it and those who still havent bought have an even bigger incentive to do so. Its a win/win in my book.

jagermaster6195d ago

Yup I agree, I finally just picked this up and I'm glad I did!

5d ago
iplay1up24d ago

I think I will pick this up too. I am playing Smash right now, I love single player, Spirit Board mode. This is the best Smash since Gamecube. Very fun!

xVOLTx5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Cry me a river. If they didn't you would be complaining either way ..

Majinzo5d ago

Some people just want drama I guess.