Will Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Redeem EA?

EA has seen a lot of backlash in the past few years for their business practices. Can Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order save EA?

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Garethvk5d ago

I think it will take more than a game. They have had a history of issues and I do not think one game will make that all go away nor change their behavior going forward. They will say "it sold but we left so much money on the table but not having paid content".

rainslacker5d ago

I think if people really want ea to lose the star wars license, they shouldn't buy the game. At some point Disney has to look to if it's the games, or people just not liking the publisher. These star wars games should be selling better. They should be better games. Star wars itself pretty much sets itself up for plenty of great game play types.

On the other hand, Disney may just see it as that the sp stuff won't do well, so why not allow ea to crap out mp games which dont cost as much, but still make money, even if they aren't maximizing the potential of the franchise.

To me, it seems the obvious fighter space flight sim in the vein of wing commander should have been a thing. Complete with sp story campaign, and cool mp space/planet battles.

rpvenom5d ago

i was hoping the same thing when I saw anthem announced.. I was sadly mistaken.. I mean the core concept of Anthem is great and I enjoyed the time I had with it.. but that was very minimal time.. so do I have hopes for this to turn things around.. short answer.. no

Father__Merrin5d ago

If ea are legally allowed to put in MT etc then it's non of anyone's business. Game development to too expensive now for AAA titles.


Pretty sure it's the consumer's business, considering they're the other end of that business.

KwietStorm5d ago

Non of anyone's business? Not even the people putting money in their pockets?

quenomamen5d ago

No, even if Jesus himself came down from heaven on wings of a dove and proclaimed to the world that EA was forgiven, they would still be the dirty rats that they are.

rainslacker5d ago

Does ea have enough money to pay jesus to do that?

harmny5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Not until they buy from software

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