Analyst: Google Stadia Needs Timed Exclusives; Studio/Publisher Acquisitions Are Highly Likely, Too

Piers Harding-Rolls (analyst at IHS) said that Google Stadia will need timed exclusive games from third parties. Studio or publisher acquisitions are highly likely, too.

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Army_of_Darkness5d ago

Knowing google, they will likely cater to the casual gamers, unless it's an online game as a service deal... Come to think of it, all their games will probably be online multiplayer..... Boo.

XiNatsuDragnel5d ago

True but we won't need another Microsoft please go away

phoenixwing5d ago

Can i become a game analyst too? I mean seriously that "insight" is basic knowledge for a gamer

Gwiz5d ago

Oh yeah,I think the industry is really pushing towards a massive standoff where consumers are no longer going to buy any timed exclusive content,there is no sense to me buying content exclusively tied to internet connections.

Even on physical hardware a license can be revoked but first-party making their games unplayable?
That's a lawsuit waiting to happen,when you do this trough digital distribution?nope.

Think about loopholes and you'll find out why digital is the industry's preferred method.