Google Stadia Hands On

Ex-Atari, Nintendo and Sega games producer Faran Thomason gets hand-on with the new Google Stadia console and gives us his expert opinion.

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porkChop10d ago

"Superficially, Stadia looks interesting, but Google has a mediocre track record of supporting consumer products. There have been many projects from Google that release with big hype but get kneecapped at the first sign of trouble. So it’s this spotty history that gives game developers a lukewarm feeling when dealing with Google."

Other than input latency, that's the biggest issue I see. Google is known for dropping services that don't immediately take off. We'll see though.

jznrpg10d ago

They shut down like 9 different services just this year

10d ago
darthv7210d ago

"Google is known for dropping services that don't immediately take off." You know that isn't limited to Google. There are lots of big companies who do this. Ms, Sony, Nintendo, Atari, Sega... all have some project that had not been a run away hit and so they had to pull the plug. And that is just in the gaming side of things. it happens far more often in other entertainment industries as well as other industries in general.

Times certainly have changed and many ideas arent being given the chance to have growing pains. Its all about the $$ and if something isnt making back what was put into it then it gets the boot.

william_cade10d ago

Candy Crush is going to look awesome on STD

Palitera10d ago

Can’t wait for permanent input lag.