PlayStation Road to Greatness 2019

PlayStation Blog: "We're hitting the road again! Find the truck in your city to get hands-on with new and upcoming PS4 and PS VR games."

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UltraNova5d ago

Sony US is killing it with promo events. Sony EU on the other hand is once again enjoying their beauty sleep...

ArchangelMike4d ago

I guess Sony are going by the mantra - "why work hard when you can work smart?!"

They have market dominance in Europe already, while in the US the Xbox is their biggest threat, so it makes sense to focus their marketing their - especially in light of teh fact they won't be at E3 this year.

UltraNova4d ago

Avoiding face time with your fans is not "working smart". Sony EU has always been distant and not too engaging with fans here.

WickedLester4d ago


So switch to Xbox then. I'm sure all that extra "face time" they give more than makes up for their lack of quality exclusives.

Minus2trill4d ago

I wish they would include some north east states in this tour one day so my kids can experience it at least once