Dead or Alive 6 Producer Discusses Future Plans, DLC Characters, What Went Wrong, and More

Today Dengeki Online published a rather extensive interview with Dead or Alive 6 Producer Yohei Shimbori, who addressed the current state of the game.

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Dizzy115235d ago

This game is already down to $40. Also, I bought the full game digital delux version. Then when they updated it changed my game to the Core Fighters version with all the DLC. Fuck them. I'll never buy another shit DOA again.

rainslacker5d ago

I enjoyed my time with it. But it's the first DOA game where I didn't spend countless hours trying to 100% it. Lack of a decent story mode, the survival mode being kind of lame, no reason to really try to grind out levels, and removal of some of the more interesting level designs of the last game just made it less interesting to me. I played through it and got most of the SP trophies, and then just couldn't care anymore. Might play it some more when I have friends over or something.

Born2Game834d ago

I'll buy it on sale when its re-released for the PS5.

ProLogY5d ago

I paid for this game. Instead of downloading.. You know.. a game. I downloaded a 'core fighters addition' with 30-40 DLC installations. It was insane I thought my Xbox would never stop with installation notifications.

That's no way to release a game. The whole thing was broken into separate packages.. Every Fighter, costume, Story mode.. All of it separate installs. I get they have some kind of F2P thing going on here, but I'm just not about that.

isarai5d ago

Wow thats really stupid, i just bought it physically, no issues here besides the late arrival of onlune lobbies. I will say while i really like the game and its mechanics there are certainly aspects that feel half cocked like the campaign and insanely limited costume selection compared to previous entries.

Darkwatchman5d ago

I bought it physically too, but every fighter was still a separate install....only 4 fighters were on the disc.

FTANK5d ago

One huge problem was they tried to play both sides- the dedicated fans and the whining authoritarian fraids who would never buy their game in the first place.
I wish they had the online done proper. There are matches that are 5 bars yet feel like the laggiest of all- as if it were asynchronous gameplay. I am counting full second-long+ input lag in some cases and the juttering just ruins a game built on countering.
Im waiting for a price drop but i already plowed through most of the gamerscore on core fighters in a day and a half. I think in this case a bit of a grind would actually have for once incentivized me to buying the full game at MSRP

VTKC5d ago

Greed. Thats all its down to. Its a pattern in alot of games now sadly. Before the game is even out they parade the so called deluxe edition without a shadow of a doubt comes with the season pass that grants you content that allegedly dont exist yet.

BadElf5d ago

Add topless mode to it.

There u go....

GtPawnSacrifices5d ago

*drink out nose* HA!
Sadly tho, that’d probably increase sales dramatically.

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