Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch Feels Great to Play and Looks Good Enough | Dualshockers

Despite a noticeably lower resolution, Mortal Kombat 11 for Nintendo Switch with 60 FPS in mind, succeeding to make for a fun experience.

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TheProfessional10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Haha only a Nintendo console could get a pass for subpar multiplatform releases. "Looks good enough" would never be tolerated on an xbox or playstation multiplatform release. Just because its portable doesn't justify it, the switch is not the PS vita it's still considered a home console.

Shiken10d ago

A home console that you can play anywhere without a Wifi connection to buying the game twice.

I have a PS4 Pro, but I am getting the game on Switch because of portability. Sounds like someone needs to learn that their own bias opinion =/= the needs of all gamers.

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Army_of_Darkness10d ago

You're seriously telling us that you'd rather get the blurry switch version of mk11 for the portability over gorgeous visuals on a big screen(the way it should be played) ? Lmfao! Sure bro. Enjoy preferring to play Mk11 with hand held controls and subhd.

AirJohnston10d ago

Blows my mind how some people get so offended over what console they like best. I love Sony and Nintendo both and totally understand why someone would prefer having this on the Switch. The elitism of some nerds here is crazy

Mr Marvel9d ago

Only a blind fool would buy this on Switch over the PS4 version if they have both consoles.
Playing the game on the go isn't an excuse either as the joy-cons would be a complete nightmare for this game.

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DEKUX1210d ago

Bro your dumb u see how huge ps4 and xbox is. Shit takes way to much space. Not to mention u have to constantly uninstall games

PlayableGamez-10d ago

The ps4 and the xbox one s are relatively small consoles.

Donnie8110d ago (Edited 10d ago )

You’re right! The switch docked is supposed to be a home console and there’s no excuse for it to run games at sub hd resolutions. The Xbox one got destroyed for running games at 900p but the switch gets a pass and it’s even a generation newer. I hope they do bring out a more powerful switch because the current one is a joke. I have zero need for a handheld I wanted a home console. I’d never buy a multiplat on the switch.

Vegamyster10d ago

Xbox One was originally $100 more than the PS4 at launch despite being weaker, that's why people knocked it. The Switch is basically a heavily modified Nvidia Shield Tablet, of course it doesn't match the power of something over 10x as big.

Mr Marvel9d ago

Same, I'd NEVER buy a multi-platform game on Switch. PS4 Pro every time for me.

NoHoHank10d ago

It's a portable device. This is the first ever fully fledged Mortal Kombat on a handheld.

fathertime446410d ago

Your partially right.
Your half wrong because mk was on the game gear (full game), game boy (full game), and Vita (full game). There were probably more, but these are the most memorable that I've played on

meganick10d ago

You must have forgotten about MK9 on Vita.

NoHoHank10d ago

My bad. I didn't know the Vita version of MK 9 was fully fledged.

mamotte10d ago

Well, only Nintendo has a portable version of MK11 :v

thesoftware73010d ago

Shhh, Just buy it on a different console

I just made your life better, by letting you know that you can do that.

King_Noctis10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

“Just because its portable doesn't justify it”

I’m curious, how could you play in portable mode on other consoles?

If you can’t, then this is very justified for the Switch. Plus, the article clearly stated “succeeding to make for a fun experience”. I mean, what else do you want? The game will be fun. Isn’t that all that that matter?

Shiken10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I feel like all the ponies are missing the "great to play" point that was made lol.

The cherry picking is real...

roadkillers10d ago

Wtf.. you the console police? Go back to playing your games and I'll go back to playing the best reviewed games of all time. Haha! I'll enjoy carrying my Switch on deployment, enjoy lugging your big pos around.

Razmiran10d ago

Does the switch being a good console keep you up at night or what?

septemberindecember10d ago

Comments like these with their like/dislike ratio remind me why I spend most of my time on other sites.

‘But but but it’s not the PSVita’
It still has the same limitations that any portable consoles have. It has to have a low power draw, a battery, a screen, and still remain compact. How ridiculous do you have to be to not admit any of that?

deafdani10d ago

It's not the PS Vita, but it's still 1/7th the size of a Playstation 4. So yeah, hardware limitations due to size still apply, something that anyone with an ounce of logic can understand.

So yes, it's justifiable because it's portable. Because the reason it's portable is precisely because it's so small.

xVOLTx10d ago

I guess since I will have it on PC I could say I guess your console versions look "good enough"

SickSinceSix10d ago

You seen any PC gameplay for it yet? It's out next week and I haven't found any

BadElf10d ago

No...its because when I purchase my MS/Sony system...I expect a powerful system to play great games.
When I buy Nintendo...I expect great games. Fun. Not looking for power with Nintendo. We all know whats up.

That's why It's said

Imortus_san9d ago

They are getting games at 400p and 480p and are happy with it, and still have the nerve to call out when Xbox One S is 900p, when the Switch is more expensive then the One S.

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NiQeMM10d ago

"Good enough" has been the Switch motto from the start..

Shiken10d ago

"best portable option" has been the Switch motto from the start

badz14910d ago

"best portable option"...for SOME current and last gen 3rd party games.


like 90% of multiplats are missing on it!

Mr Marvel9d ago

I'm not a PC gamer at all, but most laptops would destroy the Switch.

Imortus_san9d ago

Go and Buy a GPD its the best portable device around.

GameBoyColor10d ago

Sweet. Cant wait to play this game wherever I go!

Mr Marvel9d ago

Enjoy those unusable joy-cons. ;)
Better hope you have a table somewhere so you can at least use a pro-controller.

GameBoyColor9d ago

I modded my joycons to have a dpad. It's really nice and clicky. Feels great. On a side note, guess it's wrong of me to enjoy fighting games portably. Sorry yall, won't happen again I promise.

Platformgamer10d ago

"looks good enough" is the new "it's shit but i don't care"

Shiken10d ago

"looks good enough" means it still meets home console standards, but you can play it anywhere.

Your comments are the new "I am bias but I don't care"

Taz X1410d ago

Well, considering home console standards means ps4 standards, it doesn't meet them. If say it meets portable or mobile standards, but saying anything beyond that is just lying.

Sorry, but anytime the phrase "good enough" is used, you know it's gonna be bad. It's pretty much EA's stance before they start adding loot boxes.

Shiken10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Seems to me that you are able to play a full console game on the go without any cuts to gameplay.

Sounds like the definition of a full console standard to...well pretty much anyone that speaks english honestly.

Also if the PS4 is the standard, you are basically implying the X1 is not up to full console standards either. Nice try though!

Tazzy10d ago

Have you seen it and played it?? No this is on the go and if the rumors are true about an upgraded Switch with better specs its going to look even better Nvidia doesn't screw around with their graphics.

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