Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Seven Scenes We Can't Wait To See Remade

After playing through the latest port of Final Fantasy 7, this time on Nintendo Switch, we take a look at the big scenes we can't wait to see remade in glorious Ultra HD and with brand new character models and animations.

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rpvenom5d ago

Oh this game is still happening? lol

shaggy23035d ago

If it is, it wont be the game the fans want.

Godmars2905d ago

The issue there is, some "fans" will buy anything with the FF name on it.

Potnoodle9995d ago

Every FF fan ever will buy this. Even if they hear it may be crap or if they don’t like the look of it. Because it’s a game which is so significant, even as a remake, that to not play it means you cannot be part of the conversation. No matter if the game is terrible it will still sell like hot cakes. I knew FFXV was nowhere near the game I wanted it to be but I bought it anyway. Sometimes you have to grow up and realise that this perfect image that people have of a perfect FFVII remake is unachievable and that no one can make it as good as we all want it. It’s mostly due to the vastness of the game as this is now a full open world game. The original was able to be such a rich world because it was a pixelated mess of polygonal shapes walking around talking😂 linear as hell really as well, with the illusion of choice and free roaming. Anyway I’m not going to rant on. The game will be soso. I’m done waiting for square to make the perfect game. There are FAR too many cooks at square and their indecisiveness ultimately destroys so many unique and awesome looking’s a real shame. Games this good need one man with one vision to make them masterpieces. Otherwise they fall apart as every square game has for the last decade....or more

BlahBlahWhatever5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

@Potnoodle999 I agree with anything you said except for that one were you say that people are forced to buy every new FF just to be able to be part of the conversation, that couldn't be more wrong.. there is millions of FF fans that have stopped buying new FF games for many-many years now because they are disappointed at how bad the new installments are, me for example I would never waste my time playing a game like FFXV like you did just because "I want to be part of the conversation.." that's beyond ridiculous, you either have standards or you don't & play any shit they serve you just because of a name, that's how brand loyalists act, like those Apple fanatics who buy every new iPhone just because... if you wanna be one of those feel free but don't speak for everyone else because not everyone think like you.

blitz06235d ago


And some fans will bash it into oblivion

nommers5d ago


You say there’s millions that have stopped yet the series is still selling within the range it always has since ff7. There were millions and millions less before ff7. The old school ff gamers pre ff7 are just the loudest.

Godmars2905d ago

"I’m done waiting for square to make the perfect game."

Well, enjoy s-so. And while the original may have been a pixelated mess, at least it had character, character development players experienced rather than watched, as well as mini-games.

Hell, my actual expectations aren't even that much. MMOs like Lost Ark or Mu could likely be easily tailored to SP experiences on a fraction of the budget burnt on the first attempt at production of a mainline FF - and that's including hiring decent writers.

But no. Just keep showing that Square doesn't have to try, just be flashy, until it gets too expensive for them regardless and they fold up taking the franchise with them.

BlahBlahWhatever5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

@nommers WTF are you talking about? let's take FFXIII as an example to show you how wrong you are, according to Wikipedia till 2017 FFXIII had sold around 7 million copies while it's a multiplatform title that was released on PS3 & Xox 360, now let's check the sales of the 3 best selling FF which is:

Final Fantasy VII (13,108,000)
Final Fantasy X (10,571,400)
Final Fantasy VI (10,177,600)

Those games released 20-25 years ago & no FF manage to surpass their sale numbers although back then those games was on just 1 console, FFVII manage to sell close to 10 million copies just on PS1 alone without counting PC, PSN, Steam etc, FFX manage to sell over 8.5 million copies on PS2 alone, so you are telling me that the series have still the same fans as it had once when FFXIII manage to sell just 7 million copies on 2 consoles combined?

I'm going to repeat myself & if you do a little study & remove the veil of fanboyism that blind your eyes you will also see that what I'm saying is true, 'millions' of fans have abandon the series the past many years now, what started all that imo was FFXII, that was the first game not released from Squaresoft, the first game after the merge with Enix & for me personally & many other veteran fans out there was a major disappointment, that was the begining of the end for the series for us who used to love FF until FFX, anything released after can't even be considered FF, it's all trash, FFX was the last FF released, there is no FF after that.

nommers5d ago


Do better research next time. FFVI sold total between 3-4 million:

Even the source of the gearnuke site you're quoting from, vgsales, shows the following based on the SNES and Playstation sales of FFVI:
Final Fantasy VI (SNES) sales revenue
Japan: 2.55 million units at ¥12,312 ($151) = $385.1 million
North America: 450,000 units at $80 = $36 million

Somebody done goofed on the input for FFVI's total sales. Probably a fanboy with the said veil you were mentioning.

You also don't take into account the following: FF didn't have as much competition as it does now.

What other RPG series on consoles could you even say stood up to FF at the times between FF6-FF10? Where else were people on consoles (or even PCs in large part) to go for their story fix? So how do you know that the FF series should be getting more sales than it currently is? Which is still more post FF6. The 7-9 million range for FF8,10,13 and 15. FF9 and 12 at the 5-7 million range.

rainslacker5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I don't think it matters what they do. There will be those who don't like it. It's going to be devisive even if they manage to make something amazing. All of them will say how they are a huge fan of the original. But, with games like FF7, everyone is a fan for a different reason, and everyone is going to have a high expectation about what it should be, even if those expectations are unreasonable.

All I see now is a bunch of people saying it's going to suck, despite there being no indication that that's that case. Jumping to conclusions because they want to hate. Square understands the task they took on. They put off remaking it because they knew it'd be hard to meet those expectations. They knew a game like this would be a monumental task. But, I have a hard time respecting people who just act like it already sucks because it's an action RPG now. Or that it's episodic. It's the same kind of knee jerk reaction that people attributed to the God of War reboot, and those people ended up looking like fools when it released to become GOTY, and actually do what it set out to do well beyond people's expectations.

Potnoodle9995d ago


Your name really is accurate huh?

You just twisted my words. I did not say every FF. I said the FFVII remake. And yes EVERY FF fan will buy it.... because this game has been the most highly anticipated (and fabled) remake for 2 decades. FYI FFXV is the first FF I have bought since 12. Although it had issues I still wanted to play it as it was still a very fun game. I feel bad for you if you didn’t as the story was the only thing lacking. (And boy was it lacking!) The battle system and world were fantastic.
I am in no way a fanboy. I view a game as a whole and make an informed decision based on everything I’ve seen and heard and based on everything others say. I don’t just hear one thing and say it will be shit. I also don’t just assume that because it takes 10 years it will be you! I know that 95% chance it will be average but still ok. But it could also be incredible. I’m completely split on it to be honest. As everyone should be because we haven’t seen enough!

Godmars2904d ago

Its going to suck because Square has gotten in to lousy habit of over focusing on graphics. They showed off the initial "remake" as a PS3 tech demo and nothing else. They may be saying that they intend to live up t it, but they've already made compromises, just like they've done with FF13 and FF15.

FF15 isn't even suppose to be FF15! That - in addition to dolling out it's story to two separate other mediums - is how bad they messed up.

Square desperately needs to scale back production levels, allow their devs to use familiar and/or accessible tools, but that's never going to happen. Especially when they can put out incomplete games and they sell millions.

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FalconofLucis985d ago

They better not fuck up the Nanaki/Seto bit

Godmars2905d ago

Not going to bother with the Bender laughing link.

Ricegum5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Looking forward to hearing Heidegger's laugh tbh.

Pozzle5d ago

Good old Kya ha ha and Gya ha ha!

Pozzle5d ago

I agree! I'm re-playing the game now on Switch and had completely forgotten about the Seto scene, so the moment Nanaki learned about Seto's true end hit me like a ton of bricks. Such a great moment!

Godmars2905d ago

You *REALLY* better get use to waiting...

Should be by now honestly.

VTKC5d ago

Its Duke Nukem Forever syndrome. Fans want this game so much for so long, when it finally manages to exist, it turns out to be everything the fans did not want it to be thus ruining the magic that the original had because its been that many years- videogames and expectations have changed so much. Cyberpunk will be out before this and that is a very very long wait as it is. Should of left it as a fantasy at this rate. We are nearing the end of this generation. Its too late. What they going to do? start over Again?

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