Does anyone remember the amazing Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith video game?

EA's Jedi: Fallen Order looks promising, but my favourite Star Wars game of all time will likely remain Revenge Of The Sith.

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DaReapa10d ago

I still own the PS2 game. It was a little rough around the edges, but I still enjoyed it.

darthv7210d ago

I had it on PS2 but found the og xbox performed and looked better so I traded up. It's a good game either way.

micdagoat1910d ago

Always the case going from PS2 to Xbox

darthv7210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

@mic, not 'always' but mostly. Case in point. final fight streetwise on xbox has issues not present on the PS2 version and the PS2 plays smoother. though the game is really nothing to write home about, its an okay brawler.

ChristopherJack10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Amazing? I enjoyed it for what it was, a rather typical corridor action game, it did its job but was borderline 'good' at best, I actually enjoyed the GBA version almost as much. Pretty much the precursor to Force Unleashed. I'm hoping the upcoming game will allow for a lot more freedom.

Casepb10d ago

I remember the crummy movie version that felt rushed and I suppose passable for a weekend game. I do not remember the amazing one, in fact I doubt it even exists! The real question is does anyone remember the amazing Jedi Knight games? It doesn't seem like it!

PixelOmen10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I remember. Easily the best Star Wars games ever made. I can only hope Fallen Order is even half as good as those.

harmny10d ago

Not so easily if you have Kotor in the contest

Outlawzz10d ago

It was an ok game. Now Jedi outcast on GameCube was amazing. Still think about that game today, been waiting for something like that or Kotor on Xbox, another classic for rpg fans. I wasn't a fan of force unleashed only played it for a little while tho but it felt kind of stale, the main character was boring so I never completed it maybe it got better.

awdevoftw10d ago

There were no "amazing" star wars games. Some good ones, but most were sub par liscensed games. Sorry.

Hungryalpaca10d ago

There were plenty of amazing games. Jedi knight 1 and 2, Battlefront 1 and 2 (not the EA crap), dark forces etc.

DaReapa10d ago

And the SNES games of the original movie trilogy were good too.

optimus10d ago

ea also published the old ones so which ones are you talking about?

meganick10d ago

The only one that came close to amazing for me was Knights of the Old Republic. That was a great RPG and Star Wars experience.

CorndogBurglar10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

You obviously weren't around in the 90's for a ton of amazing Star Wars games on PC. And early 2000's for PC AND consoles...

TIE Fighter
X-Wing vs TIE Fighter
Dark Forces
Republic Commando
Rogue Squadron
Episode 1 Racer
Jedi Starfighter
Knights of the Old Republic
Knights of the Old Republic 2
Bounty Hunter
Jedi Knight
Jedi Academy
Oldschool Battlefront
Oldschool Battlefront 2
Galactic Battlegrounds

These are all fantastic games. I'll agree that most of the games based directly off the films are licensed crap. But those are actually a small amount compared to the amount of games that are standalone.

shaggy23039d ago

The X-Wing franchise was simply stunning.

Why cant EA look back into their vault of games they made "back in the game" and bring them back for the modern consoles? I mean it cant be that difficult.

CorndogBurglar9d ago

@Shaggy 2303

Well, the X-Wing/TIE Fighter series was too in depth. Almost every button on the keyboard did something. It was actually a pretty in-depth flight simulator that wouldn't be done justice on console, if for no other reason than a controller doesn't have enough buttons.

harmny10d ago

I understand. You were born in the fortnite era

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