Nintendo goes against a Nintendo Switch homebrew modder with 'copyright claims'

Modern Vintage Gamer, a well-known Nintendo Switch homebrew modder, received four manual copyright claims from Nintendo and is now forced to discontinue reporting on homebrew and thus the production of additional Nintendo Switch videos on its YouTube channel.

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luckytrouble5d ago

No it doesn't. This is flagrant abuse of YouTube's garbage copyright strike policy. There is nothing illegal about reporting on or even promoting homebrew use. It's technically not even illegal to advocate piracy if you aren't a participant and aren't providing resources.

Nintendo is just scared of people using the Switch hardware better than them.

stupidusername4d ago

It makes perfect sense, no matter how much you hate either Nintendo or their policies.
If you're a business and you see someone who opposes a threat aaand you know you can do something about it - do you do something about it or do you sit idly by and let them do their thing?
Nintendo is defending themselves and it's their right to try either you agree or not.

Wolffenblitz4d ago

I don't get why this is even a discussion, or why what makes sense is being down voted.

Nintendo doesn't want people to even think about hacking their hardware, using homebrew or PIRATED games from older consoles.

They would rather people not be swayed into modifying the Switch, which is primarily used to play pirated games.