New LEGO Star Wars Game In The Works (Possibly for This Year)

From Cinelinx:

An offhand comment made during an interview at Star Wars Celebration has revealed a new LEGO Star Wars video game is coming pretty soon.

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darklordzor6d ago

LOVE the LEGO Star Wars games, and have been hoping for more since the TFA one dropped in 2016. Finally!

RosweeSon5d ago

Yeha was only thinking this the other day what happened to episode 8 my guess was they were waiting for 9 and they’ll do 8/9 together and hopefully chuck in force awakens as well... or who knows do all 9 episodes they done the first 7 already after all ;)

Relientk775d ago

Considering that Episode 9 comes out this holiday, it makes sense. Now fans get Jedi Fallen Order and a Lego Star Wars.

Mr Marvel5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

LEGO Star Wars games are awesome!
I wish they’re re-release LSW:The Complete Saga on PS4 too as the PS3 version lacked trophy support.

Benoski5d ago

Watch it be LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

RosweeSon5d ago

Possibly but they’ve missed the boat on that it’ll be in there with the new one tho I’d think. If not all 9 episodes would be epic.

Pooker1005d ago

Pumped! My dream Lego Star Wars game would encompass all three trilogies and even have content from the spinoffs and shows. I’d accept those as DLC.