Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Dev Slams Sony On Cross-play Stance

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid devs talked about how Sony is not opening up to cross-play and how that is affecting gamers and gaming.

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bacrec16d ago

Wish this game had more content, lots of potential.

-Foxtrot6d ago

Probably should be focusing on that and the quality instead of worrying about crossplay

porkChop6d ago

This is such a weird situation.

Shawn Layden says Sony is open to cross play and that devs just have to contact their PlayStation reps to make it happen.

But devs who contact their PlayStation reps about cross play are being rejected.

So far the only games that support full cross play are Fortnite and Rocket League. Every other game has been rejected.

It seems like there's some disconnect or miscommunication between the higher-ups at PlayStation and the company reps.

Relientk775d ago

Your Power Rangers game still sucks regardless of crossplay or not. Can't remember when we last had a good Power Rangers game. I love the Power Rangers movie game on Sega Genesis.

isarai5d ago

Again, should they do it? Yeah, but it isn't hindering gamers. Your example of a family playing fortnite all on different devices that want to play together is a pipe dream. At the most youd have 2 possibly a farfetched 3 people in a household that want to play together, and i seriously doubt they'd really be hurt by not being able to play with each other in an online game with up to 100 other people. Also why is sony the only one singled out on this when switch dropped crossplay for fortnite recently.

In the real world this does not negatively affect but a very VERY small portion of people, and its only a minor negative, not a game breaker in the least. So can we please stop acting like this is somehow grinding everyones gaming fun to a hault?

traumadisaster4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It’s not that small, especially when you consider if the game is more family friendly. The kids that grow up with gaming turn into adults with families.
In the past parents rarely played vg with their kids, now dads can set up networks, build PCs, have multiple consoles, a vast library, and have introduced their kids into gaming.
In addition other families in the neighborhood have the same setup, and with dads encouraging it rather than like in the 80s-90s where it was frowned upon. So all of these people get on discord coordinate and play together.

If there is not good family support for cross play, this group will look other places, and if it’s too inhibitive or expensive it’s easy to choose another activity like a bike ride, basketball or a board game.
There is cross platform, play anywhere mp titles like Fornight, Sea of Thieves, Deep Rock Galactic, Forza, Astroneer, and more that we buy once and all of us can play together on separate accts.

So this is a smaller group it is an important enough group to sell to. We have money and we have games as a hobby that are kids are now entering into as more customers.

Also I’m not quite sure how you’re negatively impacted by our group lobbying to improve things, it is a deal breaker for more of us than you may know and our dollars may leave the industry which would negatively effect you. Cheers

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