Why Capcom Releases Microtransactions That Do Away With Rewards

Capcom has released a microtransaction that lets you have the unlockable rewards of Resident Evil 2. Is this so bad?

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phoenixwing5d ago

Are you really asking why? Its money duh.

CorndogBurglar5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Is this really anything new? Games have been doing this for many years. As long as it isn't a multiplayer game that gives people an edge then who cares if people decide to spend money on unlocking things they may not ever unlock on their own? It's not like its things you can't get from playing the game normally.

Sonyslave35d ago

Do you get trophies with This?

SlyBoogie19935d ago

Of course it's good, it allows people who can't unlock the infinite weapons for example, for which some require specific requirements, the opportunity to use them, whilst not affecting anyone who doesn't want it because they don't have to buy it. A silly question really.