We need a decent Game of Thrones video game

The final season of Game of Thrones comes out tonight. It leaves me asking one simple question: Why can't anyone seem to make a decent Game of Thrones game that allows us to play as the characters that we both love and hate?

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Darkborn11d ago

Unfortunately it won't happen, or it it does, it'll probably be EA or Activision that gets the license.

harmny11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Respawn got?

Darkborn11d ago

I doubt respawn would want to do an open world medeival game at that scale. Although they probably could. Do you seriously think if EA got the license, they would give it to respawn? They would give it to the fifa studio just so they could bury the license.

Livingthedream11d ago

Dont want it to be a Sony exclusive buy them God if war boys can probably do it justice.

10d ago
Dirtnapstor11d ago

I second this notion. Ubisoft.

anonymousfan11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

My top pick would be CD Projekt by far!! But I would be surprised if a studio like that ever did a licensed game based off of either TV or movies. I mean The Witcher is based off of a series of novels but they arguably made the books popular vs licensed games usually rely on movies/shows to sell... I.e. they could give the game of thrones license to a shit studio and make more money from overcharging the license to the developper knowing a mediocre game based on GoT would still sell well.

TekoIie10d ago

It would more than likely end up being a clone of The Witcher is it was given to CDPR. To be honest Telltale was probably the best at the time for a GoT game. Game of Thrones is very much dialogue driven and action should take a backseat to it in any game based on the series.

lucian22911d ago

I enjoyed the tell tales game, sad it won't continue

coolbeans11d ago

That's been my least favorite TellTale game tbh.

Kabaneri11d ago

Theres been a rumor circulating for a while that Bethesda is making a GOT game.

anonymousfan11d ago

Yes! But didn't Bethesda say they turned it down a while back i.e. pre Skyrim?

Darkborn11d ago

They did. They actually were in talks for the game of thrones game but they turned it down because they had just started production of Skyrim and needed all hands on deck.

TheColbertinator11d ago

CDPR could make a great Game of Thrones game.

gtxgamer210d ago

Hell yeah I came to say this but alot of people beat me to the punch lol

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The story is too old to be commented.