Gearbox Boss Analyzes Epic Games Store Benefits,Is Really Happy of Borderlands 3's Short Exclusivity

Gearbox's Randy Pitchford analyzed the long-term benefits of Epic Games Store and concluded it's likely to come out on top of the store war with Steam, though he's also happy Borderlands 3 has limited time exclusivity so that everyone can play it.

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codelyoko6d ago

All this fuss for another launcher.

Eonjay6d ago

Silly isn't it. Gabe is a billionaire off the sales of other devs. Epic stands to make money albeit less because they charge a lower platform fee. I think it's silly for folks not to realize that more and more publishers are going to give Epic exclusivity until Steam becomes competitive again.

Teflon025d ago

You guys want to ignore the issue. The issue isn't another launcher. Origin and uplay are fine and ppl don't complain. We'll pretend the actual issue isn't a issue though

Cmv385d ago

@teflon what's the actual issue. I don't PC game, so I'm just trying to understand myself.

Wolffenblitz5d ago

It's not fucking competition if you literally PAY to have the other runners not even run the race.
It's not just about another launcher.. even though that is a small issue.

People go on about it being about Steam. There's Steam, Origin, Uplay, Battle.Net, GOG, Bethesda, and now Epic games.

People don't care if a company wants to keep their 1st party games exclusive. It makes sense.
Holding 3rd party games HOSTAGE by PAYING OUT publishers and what not is NOT good for anyone.

Hungryalpaca5d ago

Yea. A launcher. That’s the only issue if you don’t bother looking into why people don’t like it.

KaiPow6d ago

Well, I'm sure their shareholders are happy for the extra profit % for being on EGS at launch.

Alexious6d ago

That plus Epic's payoff. It's kind of a no-brainer.

Lighter95d ago

*Gearbox Boss Analyzes Epic Games Store Benefits, Is Really Happy With All of the Money He's Getting Out of It

Ricegum5d ago

It's for 2K's benefit, not Gearbox.

WombBat5d ago

You're right! Gearbox doesn't deserve money for the game they made. The right thing is for Steam to keep 30% of the profits!

Wolffenblitz5d ago

idiot. Go read up on the issue instead of going on about percentages.

WombBat5d ago

Enlighten me

Rachel_Alucard5d ago

He's delusional and out of touch when he says the store will be fully featured by Spetember when it takes them 6+ months to add a shopping cart function. Something that was on amazon in 1998

rob-GP5d ago

Do you fancy going back in time and seeing how long it took stream to add those features since it first came out as a download to play half life 2?

No? Is that because you're judging a fairly new store with one that's been around for years?

On the flip side, the xbox store only got a shopping cart last year, after about 10 years of being live...

Rachel_Alucard5d ago

Steam wasn't a digital store 15 years ago. You're also comparing modern standards to 15 years ago which isn't correct. If you wanna compare console environments which use their own infrastructure, PS4 has had a shopping cart since launch. Even Windows store had a shopping cart at launch. You don't launch a platform this early without developing it first some. All they did was add some listings in their current launcher and said "we're a store now!"

Hungryalpaca5d ago

So you’re going to go back in time to try and defend a product out today? That’s makes 0 sense. Steam have been around for over a decade.

Might as well not put any online functionality in the next multiplayer shooter. After all the original halo didn’t have it.

rob-GP4d ago

Rachel_Alucard -Steam launched in 2003 and was operating as a digital store a few years later. Xbox and the xbox store didn't launch with a cart, it was added last year...

Also, are you seriously getting worked up about having to buy games individually on a platform you clearly won't use anyway? Sounds more like you're looking for the small differences so you can hold it against it and moan. We get it, you and the other vocal minority don't like the store. That won't change the fact the game is on there. People don't like Uplay and Origin yet they're doing just fine as well.

Also, the whole 'you don't just add a store...' blah blah - what do you think steam did when it started, and Uplay, and Origins? They were all launchers then they turned into a store by adding things sequencially. If you add it all at once, when it's already a released product, it's more prone to having issues or incompatibilities.

However, you and the rest of the moaners on here won't admit to that, it's all about hating on something just for the sake of it because it's the 'cool' thing to do. Ah well, just like with crossplay, the quiet majority don't really care.

Rachel_Alucard4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


"Vocal minority"
Check the r/pcgaming subreddit with 1.4 million subscribers. Look up the pax attendee reactions, look at youtube comments, social media comments, etc. Definitley not a vocal minority. Nice narrative though.

You also aren't looking at long term problems and just dismissing it all as "hating" for no reason. What do you think happens if Valve implements curation or lowers their cut?

First, they stopped curating so hard because if they say your game isn't fit for Steam then that's them dictating a good game or a bad game.

Nobody else will sell it that matters if Steam says no. Besides, curation is worse for the end consumer since instead of buying things based on your own tastes it's now you can only buy based on what the Store operators think is good. GoG rejects 9/10 indie games and reject games just for being too niche or small in scale. Even rejected Undertale until fan outcry happened. Valve are fully aware some bad games will come through but they were prepared for that caveat, hence the needed tools and the continuing improvements on the store discoverability. It's something Amazon and many other massive sites couldn't even get down. It takes time and the fact everyone paints them as being complacent, when they have a massive store and library UI overhaul, VR launching next month with more non-VR games all coming soon is just being ignorant and adding fuel to the fire.

Second, lowering their cut pressures other 3rd party sites to also lower theirs even if they don't make that kind of money that Steam does, all that does is push sites like GoG to shut down quicker. The other thing is lowering their cut passes the regional fees on to the customer rather then allow Steam to make up the cost. Epic charges processing fees in many other countries due to their low percent. Tim already stated to absorb processing fees they would need to raise their cut to 25%. So it hurts everyone except NA and EU.

Third, part of the reason people are going to keep talking about this is because of how dismissive people like you are about this and judge everything on a personal scale, like we all are only just being inconvenienced and being babies about it. There are some people like that yes, but if you stopped writing "blah blah blah" and filling in the blanks with whatever you think as fact and actually read actual quotes by people, you would see this has nothing to do with some personal inconvenience, China spyware meme, or whatever feature parity non-sense. I don't care about if the store is good feature wise tbh, since I've went out and bought a switch which lacks even the most basic console features. I just see a company trying to push a movement that just gives consumers, store operators, and developers worse end results. Keep in mind these same developers complaining about curation were complaining the opposite years ago when Steam accepted next to nobody. It's a joke when I read the dismissal and defensive comments since they all parrot the same meme responses.

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jeki5d ago

I hope it never has all the features Steam does.

Hydrazinezz5d ago

Epic games and their store blows. Hell fortnite sucked, paragon sucked. Fortnite only got big after they copied pubgs exact br formula. Lololol. Now they’re copying things from apex legends? Why? Because they suck. Horrible developer. They are a shadow of their gears of war days.

WombBat5d ago

LOL. If you think Fortnite is big because it is a Battle Royale, you know nothing of game design.

Wolffenblitz5d ago

and you know nothing about any of this.

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