"The Way The Studio Was Shut Down Was Horrifying To Me" Says Telltale Co-Founder

From GameInformer: "Earlier this week, we published an investigative piece that delved deep into the circumstances leading to last year's closure of Telltale Games. One of the major voices in that story was Kevin Bruner, co-founder and former CEO of Telltale. "

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Hardiman5d ago

This had to be such a horrifying experience! You come in and are told we're all going to have a company meeting and you're like "oh cool maybe we're getting a bonus " or maybe a new game license but oh no you find out it's all over and you've got to clean out your desk and oh yeah ya only have health insurance for nine more days!

That's a hellava punch to the gut and I can't imagine how they must've felt. Just so wrong on so many levels!

harmny5d ago

I want to know more about those levels you are speaking of

5d ago
ravinash4d ago


Well that's in bad taste.

roadkillers5d ago

Way to try saving your public image. Of course a CEO would say this otherwise no one would hire him.

porkChop5d ago

"Bruner candidly spoke about his thoughts on the shut down, saying he was disappointed and appalled with how it was handled. Bruner left the company in 2017 after being pushed out by board members (he also has a lawsuit against the company for financial damages), so he was not present during the majority studio closure."

roadkillers5d ago

Alright, fair. I deserve all the downvotes

TheColbertinator5d ago

I'm not giving you a downvote. You made an assumption, your assumption was wrong but accepted and admitted that you were wrong.

porkChop5d ago

No worries. We all jump the gun sometimes.

Nineball21124d ago (Edited 4d ago )

He wasn't exactly a warm and fuzzy boss either. In fact, he caused many of the problems himself.

“Being in a creative room with Kevin [Bruner] could, in a lot of instances, be very difficult,” Buck says. “He was known for asking for extremely large changes very close to ship date that would mandate crunch for a huge percentage of the studio, which is obviously not ideal."

“There was definitely a culture of fear for a long time at Telltale, especially when Kevin Bruner was still working there,” Buck says. “If they didn’t like what you had done, even if it was exactly what they had asked for, the chances of you being kicked off a project or demoted were extremely high.”

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neocores80555d ago

They failed because they were accepting to any IPs to make into a telltale game that's why they failed they got to big headed and now they are don't I don't feel sorry for them they knew damn well whY they were doing

ravinash4d ago

How does the decisions made by management reflect on the people who had to work under them who now find them selves out of work?

Donnie815d ago

This article is a decent read. I get the feeling the higher ups at telltale straight up boned everyone. It wouldn’t be the first time people ran a profitable company in the ground on purpose. I worked at a place that the owners did just that. Stopped paying the bills and stuffed their pockets for going on a year then wrote off all the debt via bankruptcy. After the place shut down investors related to the old owners ( sons-daughters) came in and reopened the place and offered most people their job back at lesser pay, worse benifits, no union and no retirement. Everyone got the axe just like the telltale people too except we got fired the week before Xmas. I’d say this is just the start of the dirt that will come out on this company.

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