Obsidian’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 was about battling ancient, monstrous Sith lords

Once work wrapped on KoTOR 2, Obsidian was ready to make a third game in the acclaimed RPG series. Unfortunately, it never came to pass, but here’s what was planned, according to one of the writers.

-Foxtrot6d ago

Shame we'll never get to see Obsidian do this :(

BlackIceJoe5d ago

It truly is sad that KOTOR III never happened and these days if EA approved it I wouldn't want it either. It is a shame one of the most requested games won't ever come out and if it did you sadly know it wouldn't be good.

Darkborn5d ago

All EA does is ruin hope's and dreams and IP.

eilpaz4d ago

Another game from studio members which they probably outsourced.

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