David J. Vonderhaar Responds to Troll on Twitter. 'I am still bruised'

It seems that persistence does pay off. One user on Twitter who was trolling David J. Vonderhaar finally got a response from the Studio Design Director for Treyarch. However, it was a lesson about business.

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Rachel_Alucard10d ago

Not a troll and he wasn't saying that line to the troll. Nice out of context headline.

Parasyte10d ago

A nothing site fishing for clicks

Karlsh10d ago

follower was spaming that developer with pictures. sounds like a troller to me

Rachel_Alucard10d ago

When you say troll, you are giving someone a title that means they were fishing specifically for attention through rage or other factors. This is just a fan who was dedicated to getting a vehicle in the game. Him spamming pictures of that vehicle was his way of doing. Are we gonna label everyone who spams employers with resumes a troll now?

10d ago