World War Z game could be the Left 4 Dead sequel you've been waiting for [EXPRESS]

FORGET Left 4 Dead 3 and Days Gone, World War Z takes zombie hordes to another level.

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SickSinceSix5d ago

Back 4 Blood by Turtle Rock is the Left 4 Dead sequel I've been waiting for

KyRo5d ago

Whilst I think people are looking forward to see where they take Back 4 Blood, we know absolutly nothing about it at this moment in time. WWZ is out and a lot of people are excited to dive into some good coop zombie killing that valve has stupidly slept on.

chris2355d ago

i loved the movie, but i was waiting for a proper single player experience. too bad they were not able to come up with one. i wish them the best of luck in an oversaturated market of generic onlineshooters.

hamburgerhill5d ago

How could anybody possibly love that movie. Not sure if it's a sequel, or if good, but I would need to play it 1st of course.

zeetheron5d ago

Agree, it had a few cool scenes like a lot of zombies stacking up etc. But the rest of the film was boring . I remember the trailer, made it seem like a great zombie movie, but only because it showed the only interesting/best scenes in the movie.


I just bought it. So far it’s pretty fun though buggy. I like the class leveling system

THC CELL5d ago

Game is OK. Just buggy. Worth a try

Magic_Spatula5d ago

I wanted to get this on PC but it's an indefinite Epic Store exclusive. So, no thanks.

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