Can The Division 2 Really Be Played as a Single Player Game?

OnlySP: "Now that some time has passed since The Division 2's release, the honeymoon faze should be winding down. My viewpoint on The Division 2 comes specifically from a single player’s perspective. This means that at no point in the game did I encounter another player, instead tackling story missions and world events independently from outside aid."

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TheColbertinator11d ago

Really enjoying Division 2 by myself and have done many missions alone. Co-op teams are nice and all but I like travelling at my own pace and most players don't run things like I do.

Additionally the story feels more urgent as I play alone. During the cutscenes, those who give out missions are only talking to one person. I like the idea of one agent as the sole survivor in the NY and DC region carrying out it's salvation.

jznrpg11d ago

I’ve been meaning to pick this up but I have so many good games to play already. I would mainly play solo but wouldn’t mind doing some endgame content someday.

TheColbertinator11d ago

Wait until it's cheaper. You'll really feel like you got your money's worth since the game has tons of content.

jagermaster61911d ago

That's my problem, I bought it played it for a couple days then stopped because I have a bunch of games. I would definitely wait to purchase it.

Cmv3811d ago

I highly recommend this game at full price. But if you can wait, the obvious thing to do is wait. But its very very fun.

Dirtnapstor10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Excellent game. You’ll enjoy every moment. I’m close to 30 hours and have just scratched the surface... been exploring and whatnot. Definitely scavenge resources, you’ll need them. Expect to get whipped, especially if you’re soloing it, but the grind is so satisfying. Have yet to feel a “repetition fatigue”.

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Duke1911d ago

Just hit 30 without ever playing multiplayer besides DZ but have had a blast so far. Even before scratching the surface of endgame content, I think it was a solid single player game

Kabaneri11d ago

You can find loot to rank up easily playing solo but the tougher missions require co-op. Cant wait for the raids!

TheRealTedCruz11d ago

How the original was. As soon as I needed teammates though, I clanned up and never went back.

Jon6158611d ago

Yes you can. I beat the main story by myself and now I'm doing the endgame by myself. You just have to play with some sense and strategy and use the games mechanics like they were meant to be used.

execution1711d ago

I always keep a revival hive, saved me from starting missions over because of Molotovs or a lucky sniper shot that downed me

414gamer11d ago

This game got boring pretty fast for me. Huge fan of the first one. But it feels too similar. Moving onto something new

Lennoxb6311d ago

It's a sequel. Not a whole other game. Don't know why you expected something totally new.

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