What Does Google Stadia Tell Us About The PS5 And Xbox Scarlett Specs?

Google Stadia gives us a great overview of what to expect from next-gen consoles in terms of their hardware specifications.

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Shikoku10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

They will be higher cause stadia showed its hand that's why Sony will wait for Xbone 2 to be revealed and they will try to top it.

PETE198510d ago

I doubt very much this is how it works. The specs are not decided that late into development. Dev kits would have gone out by now (and possibly a while ago) to allow Devs to get to grips with hardware.

rainslacker10d ago

Early dev kits don't generally release with finalized hardware specs. They say what some targets to shoot for are, but they're usually conservative for the devs sake, and realistically, most of the new features won't be used on early games either way. Usually they have just the functions that will be available to the dev, along with a baseline to shoot for for things like shaders or lighting or things of that nature.

seanpitt2310d ago

I don't know what Microsoft are doing but Sony are aiming for 2.5 times the power of the ps4 pro but it's not finalised yet and it will have 16gb of ram but nothing concrete on what type as for the CPU all I can say is, it will be a massive upgrade probably the biggest compared to the ps4 CPU

Donnie8110d ago

That’s not how things work. The ps5 specs are probably already settled on.

rainslacker10d ago

Depends on when it's releasing. If it's this year or early next, then they'll have the hardware's available processes and functions pretty well set, but actual specs don't have to be set in stone until they go into fabrication of the chips.

shaggy23039d ago


They'll be able to tweak minor things like RAM size, number of ports, HDD size but they main part (the APU) will be set in stone.

Wasnt it the PS3 that changed its RAM size late in the day to match the 360?

Dark_Overlord9d ago


Pretty sure it was MS that changed the RAM late :)

Godmars29010d ago

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

william_cade10d ago

flops are are somewhat meaningless if the games suck.

Bronxs1510d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Google is a sneaky company after all our privacy and data and shouldn’t be trusted. Think about it, even someone like my self who avoids google, they have information on me. Because even though I don’t use Gmail, if I email someone with a gmail account they scan my email for information and make a profile of me.

Microsoft isn’t far off and have gotten them selfs in the business of user data along with google amazon and Facebook. This fact alone may be reason enough to support Sony next gen.

Bronxs1510d ago

Sony scans my emails? Keeps track of my location? Follow My browsing history? And sells my data to advertising’s company’s as theirs core business revenue stream? That’s news to me!

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