Watch Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order's Performance Capture; Xbox Partnership Possibly Hinted

Following the reveal of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order by Respawn Entertainment, during a panel from Star Wars Celebration, Electronic Arts presented a look at performance capture.

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NealGamby12d ago

Yes, it makes tons of sense. Make an exclusivity deal with the console who has the least amount of sales.

Abriael12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

This likely isn't an exclusivity deal, just a marketing partnership. Xbox had the same with Battlefield 5. The only thing they might get as exclusive is likely a console bundle.

rainslacker10d ago

I question the value of a big marketing deal this late in the gen, especially when they aren't really helping ms to begin with. Might make sense if it were a nect gen title, and the gen was starting when this game releases, but isnt it scheduled for release at the end of this year?

Jin_Sakai12d ago

Not when PS4 has nearly 100 million.

SpaceRanger12d ago

40 million over 9 years? No way Xbox has sold that few. I’m sure the number is above that.

NoHoHank10d ago

I'm certain it was released 6 years ago. Not 9.


No matter which console has the most sales it would be ridiculous for a third party game to be exclusive. I’m tired of that. 1st party should be the only exclusives.

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I'm pretty sure Disney wouldn't allow it to be exclusive. Just like fifa and NFL require they release their yearly games as multiplat.

Could just be some exclusive content, because with no mt or online, there is really nothing to hold back outside full game content of some sort.

spicelicka10d ago

There's no reason or indication that it's a full game exclusivity. The deal, if any, would be something with DLC. I'm absolutely not a fan of these kinds of practices but usually a company knows better than you what makes them the most money.

Thundercat7710d ago

EA has a close relationship with Xbox. I am not surprised about this.

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SpaceRanger12d ago

I know they showed the weapons that the enemies will probably use, but with that many people performance capturing a similar movement I’d imagine we’ll get to see more than one Jedi in the game.

Gamist2dot010d ago

As always by EA, show cut scenes and wow the crowd. Come launch, massive downgrade. But this is Respawn so I have hope.

Kavorklestein10d ago

Who knows? The EA-mpire might finally Strike Back!

capjacksparrow10d ago

Didn't this same exact studio make the mistake of partnering with MS for the original Titanfall? I prefer PS consoles, but I think it's dumb when either company secures 3rd party exclusive content/marketing. From a business standpoint though, you really shouldn't partner with the company that has less than half the install base of the other 🤷‍♂️

TekoIie10d ago

I don't think we know whether that was a mistake and it also wasn't the studios decision.

"I prefer PS consoles, but I think it's dumb when either company secures 3rd party exclusive content/marketing."

Why would you give a crap about marketing? Easy money for the developers and there's no sacrifice on the consumers end so I don't see the problem with it.

neocores805510d ago

Wrong it was the studio who made the decision to go with xbox you can even look up the article's where he say they bet their money on the wrong horse. Lol

TekoIie10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


So explain this then:

EA made the decision; not Respawn Studios. I can't even find this "bet on the wrong horse quote" so it seems you can't just "look it up". So by the looks of things your claim is false.

rainslacker10d ago

More likely EA makes that decision. While they funded titanfall, it was under a different program where the dev retained a lot of control.

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