Weedcraft Inc YouTube Videos Are Being Demonetized; Facebook Ads Blocked

Weedcraft Inc YouTube videos are being demonetized due to alleged violations of the video streaming website's content policy.

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Cobra9517d ago

That's what censorship does. It muzzles voices outside of what the corporate media have decided can be said to the public.

akaFullMetal7d ago

Yeap social media and streaming are going to go three a bad time when people get upset that content is deemed to harmful for them. They are starting that with Facebook now too, with what you can say. Reddit with their system and karma points.
In the end social media will pretty much be controlled like 1984 in a way.

bluefox7557d ago

Censorship is really getting out of control in silicon valley.

jeki7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

People do not have the right to post videos on YouTube, let alone be paid for doing so.

Advertisers should be able to decide what type of content their ads are associated with.

Can you imagine what it would be like if platforms like YouTube didn't have the freedom to make decisions for themselves, who would make those decision then?