Control for Xbox loses mission, mods, and more to PlayStation 4 edition

Control is an upcoming third-person which looks like a spiritual successor to Quantum Break. Unfortunately, its business practices may vex some Xbox One buyers with its limited purchasing options.

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Sophisticated_Chap13d ago

This is a terrible thing for Remedy and their publisher to do. Both Microsoft and Steam are under attack like never before. It's clear that Sony and Epic are both playing for keeps, so people shouldn't be surprised when the pendulum swings the other way.

Christopher13d ago

***people shouldn't be surprised when the pendulum swings the other way.***

You mean like timed exclusive of popular games, like Tomb Raider? Or buying studios?

Let's not act like this is the first of this sort of thing on either side not will it be the last.

uptownsoul13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@Sophisticated_Chap - "Both Microsoft and Steam are under attack like never before."

I find it interesting that you think Microsoft is "under attack" for a policy (timed exclusive content)…that Microsoft, themselves, perfected last generation and into the beginning of this generation.

AngelicIceDiamond13d ago

"buying studios" Isnt that what MS needs to do? Whats so bad about that? Everyone mentions Rise Of The Tomb Raider scenario considering that happened 4 years ago, and MS hasnt done timed exclusives since. Meanwhile Sony's still doing it with the COD games and Destiny. But of course this is justifed in multiverse spin of events where Sony is always innocent in every single thing they do and I bet MS looks bad...some magical unexplained scenario way right? But never mind the fact the next Bayonetta and Marvel Ultimate Alliance is exclusive to Nintendo. But please spin it for us all how MS as in everything they do is evil here, because some how some way they are dont use cop outs like "well back then" blah, blah, blah no stick to current times and happenings.

kohox13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


Everyone mentions Rise Of The Tomb Raider scenario considering that happened 4 years ago, and MS hasnt done timed exclusives since.

Ah short memory eh?

Let me remind you about "Console Launch Exclusives"

Fallout 76 Beta
Black Desert
Bomber Crew
Outer Wilds
The Golf Club

All "Console Launch Exclusive".

I could go on, and will if you like.

Sophisticated_Chap13d ago


PUBG was on Xbox One first because Xbox has an Early Access program for indie developers. Blame Sony on that one.

Fallout 76 Beta....really? I didn't think anyone still cared about those glorified demos anymore. Betas do not matter, its the final game and date of release and features that really matters to most people.

The rest of those games are indie games, which are hardly on the same level as a game from Remedy. When [email protected] takes an indie game onto their platform, they help them to market the game and give the developer support, because in many cases that indie game would never see the day of light without that support.

That is a far different situation compared to when youre dealing with AAA studios and publishers, and paying them to keep some content or the entire game off one platform for a given period of time. Moves like this are meant to seriously harm the competition. Epic is being absolutely ruthless with their exclusivity tactics, and it will surely cause Steam to respond.

AngelicIceDiamond13d ago

@Kohax Should of saw that coming I meant AAA games. Wheres you list of that?

kohox13d ago

Let me know when you have moved the goal posts far enough...

TGGJustin12d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond They haven't done timed exclusive since Rise of the Tomb Raider huh? Hmm I mean people already pointed out all of the "Console Launch Exclusives" that they brag about every E3 but then I guess you forgot about Dead Rising 4 as well huh. Once again an almost 1 year exclusive on Xbox before it went to PS4. It won't be the last one either. Make no mistake if Microsoft were to ever get the lead again they will be doing exclusive deals left and right. It's what these companies do.

Ceaser985736112d ago

It's funny because after Remedy went 3rd party and revealed Control.. Most Xbox fans were like QB this and that and didn't like Remedy going 3rd party.. Now they act like a victim card that Ms is being attacked... When will such people become an Adult...

rainslacker12d ago


COD and Destiny were multi-year contracts that Sony paid for early in the generation, and they'll keep it going for as long as the contract is stipulated for, at which time, it'll go back up for a bidding war to see who gets it next.

They may pay for others, I dunno. I don't really keep track, and don't even really pay attention anymore to either company since RoTTR

Mr_Writer8511d ago (Edited 11d ago )


"Everyone mentions Rise Of The Tomb Raider scenario considering that happened 4 years ago, and MS hasnt done timed exclusives since. Meanwhile Sony's still doing it with the COD games and Destiny"

Destiny and COD launched at the same time on Xbox 🤔

"Should of saw that coming I meant AAA games."

So timed exclusive/ full exclusive content is the same as having a full year of timed exclusive (and trying to hide the fact it was timed and pass it off a full) to timed content.

But indie timed exclusives aren't the same?

Hypocritical fanboy logic.

Chevalier11d ago


"@Kohax Should of saw that coming I meant AAA games. Wheres you list of that?:

Wow keep moving goalpost their?!

You mean like Dead Rising 3, Dead Rising 4, Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Buying Gears to keep it off PS4? Oh wasn't there this console exclusive REMEDY game called Quantum Break? No complaints about a completely exclusive REMEDY game?! But yeah some 'exclusive' weapons and timed exclusive content and you can't ignore that?! Talk about being a hypocrite.

What no surprise shock that its MS Windows website?

" But never mind the fact the next Bayonetta and Marvel Ultimate Alliance is exclusive to Nintendo. But please spin it for us all how MS...."

Also to get your facts straight, Bayonetta 2 and 3 would not have happened without Nintendo funding those games. Sega wasn't going to do sequels based on their sales. You are SPINNING this for MS without facts to back your own claim.

See that?! Bayonetta sequals would NOT EXIST without Nintendo. So again you are doing the spinning here.

Lilrizky11d ago

@Sophisticated_Chap so its ethical when indie developere are involved but not when triple A games are involved?

Why should anyone take you seriously after that comment.

Amphille11d ago

The problem here is people paying the same amount but given different products. To my knowledge thats a practice only Sony does. Buying studios is not new to any publisher. Naughty dog ang Guerilla games are not Sony studios from the get go. Just because it happened long ago does not mean they were not bought.

RosweeSon11d ago

FUT legends being exclusive to Xbox also many things were paid to be exclusive for Microsoft last Gen now they not paying for the content it’s not being delivered to a console that’s soon to be 3rd least popular. For good reason imo. Can’t do all these deals last Gen then cry when they don’t try and secure the same deals and expect the relationships to continue it was built on payments of cash.

RauLeCreuset11d ago

I don't like timed exclusivity. I'd rather the money be spent elsewhere. But some of you (Angelic) wouldn't be this mad or mad at all if the practice hadn't come back to bite your darling Xbox on the behind. Trying to exempt Xbox from the same criticism by moving the goalposts to talking about AAA games is less a defense than a testament to how badly Xbox is losing to PS4. It's not logical in most cases to enter into any kind of exclusivity deal with Xbox for a AAA title. It's harder to get those deals the further behind you fall in sales. Some of you need to stop playing yourselves and lapping up every word whenever Phil says something to spin, deflect, or dodge. They didn't lose their appetite for timed exclusivity. It became less affordable if not outright unavailable to them.

VenomUK11d ago

TLDR: A Microsoft focused website is angry that a former Xbox second-party has a timed exclusivity deal with PS4.

RacerX11d ago

This is a bummer for Xbox players. Lots of reason to move to Playstation right now, especially for PS5. I just hope MS puts up a good fight, because competition is a good thing.

Epic_Troy11d ago

And you fail to mention street fighter 5 and the Japanese support but w.e Sony can have all the content in the world, and still can't generate nearly as much money as M.S exactly why they missing E3 2019 no money lol

gravedigger11d ago (Edited 11d ago )


"Everyone mentions Rise Of The Tomb Raider scenario considering that happened 4 years ago and MS hasnt done timed exclusives since"

Something, something FIFA FUT exclusive on Xbox from 2014-2017.

4 years ago was the last time you say?

kayoss11d ago

"Everyone mentions Rise Of The Tomb Raider scenario considering that happened 4 years ago, and MS hasnt done timed exclusives since."
Think about why MS hasnt done it as much. Think really really hard. Give up? because MS is losing this gen and developers and studios knows that if they do time exclusives with MS, they will be abandoning the Playstation players. The PS4 is at 80+ million sold world wide, do you honestly believe any studio will ignore that number???

Neonridr11d ago

seems to me like Sony is doing it a lot more lately.

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darthv7213d ago

this is a deal struck between 505 and Sony so MS has no say in the matter.

@chris, people like to bring up TR but they often forget that once it did come out to PS4 it did so with all the extra bells and whistles up to that point. People had to wait a little longer but they got the definitive edition in the process. That is a small price to pay for getting a more fleshed out game.

Now Sony paying to keep a 3rd party game off other platforms... god forbid that should ever happen. /s

Christopher13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

***People had to wait a little longer but they got the definitive edition in the process.***

Little longer is *only* one year and I paid for the DLC like everyone else.

Explain why that's fine for you, won't change my opinion though.

And don't act like I didn't call out both Sony and Microsoft for this.

AngelicIceDiamond13d ago

Well on N4G and only on N4G mind you Sony gets praised for it and if anyone else does it, that company is cancerous.

13d ago
AngelicIceDiamond13d ago

@Rofu prove me wrong then lets go. Nobody can do it.

Ceaser985736112d ago

"Well on N4G and only on N4G mind you Sony gets praised for it and if anyone else does it, that company is cancerous."

That's according to Die heart Xbox fans who can't digest that the PS is doing better than their system of choice.... Hence the saltiness ..

rainslacker12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

A little longer to pay full price for a year old game, with the season pass content which could have been gotten for $25 at the same time one brought the game. But after a year, both the season pass, and the game itself wasn't worth full price. The added content really wasn't worth the season price pass. The in game story content was kind of lame, and while croft manor was cool, it wasn't really all that compelling.

I don't really see anyone praising that Sony is getting this stuff now. Just a bunch of bickering over who did what first.

Chevalier11d ago

" Now Sony paying to keep a 3rd party game off other platforms... god forbid that should ever happen...."

You mean like:

Dead Rising 3
Dead Rising 4
Tomb Raider
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Purchasing Gears franchise
Black Desert
Ori and the Blind Forest
Quantum Break

Whereas Destiny and COD launched on Xbox day 1?! Wow talk about idiotic reasoning.

Chevalier11d ago


" that company is cancerous."

You mean like that company that started charging to play online? Started the exclusive deals for content and timed exclusives last gen? The one that locked Netflix behind Gold? Locks 'free' to play games behind a paywall?

" prove me wrong then lets go. Nobody can do it."

You mean like how you were blasted on exclusive games? Then moved goalpost to AAA games? Lost that argument then now talk about 'cancerous' practices only to conveniently forget that Xbox started all this 'cancer' last gen? Uhh okay, must be convenient to have selective memory.

someone7211d ago

@chevalier - cuphead is an ms game, quantum break was completely funded by ms, and the vast majority of the rest of those were developer decisions , not paid for timed exclusivity. The only series that likely was paid for, and in all honesty, probably had more to do with a lesser kind of agreement capcom made with sfv, would be the dr games which happened a long while back.

So your list is bunk. Lets just be honest here, sony has adopted ms’s shady tactics from last gen, and people seem ok with it. Sony has never been a good company, never been for the players, and never cared about anything aside from money, as it should. People thinking otherwise are delusional. (Same goes with ms and Nintendo)

On the remedy topic, Even though i have a ps pro, and even though they are one of my favorite devs, i dont condone shady biz practices, so ill be passing until they release all content on the xb. Hopefully enough do the same so that the studio takes a big enough hit to realize their choices make a difference. If not, ive saved $60.

Neonridr11d ago

I find it worse that so many people are agreeing with some of you knuckleheads. This practice is NOT ok, regardless of which platform it benefits.

I hate the excuse "well someone else did it first.. ". This is exactly what the studios want, because you are justifying it. The answer is no, flat out no. It wasn't ok before and it certainly isn't ok now. All gamers should be able to enjoy the full entirety of a game REGARDLESS of which platform you want to play it on.

Leave the exclusives as the deciding factor as to which platform you want to support, not a 3rd party game.

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13d ago
jznrpg12d ago

MS under attack lol. You must be misinformed about the history of MS

Codedan12d ago

PS history is much worse. The PS1 and PS2 era was when Sony treated their consumers like trash.

Saigon11d ago


Wrong, if they did they wouldn't have experienced back to back 100+ mil sales. Some people logic is severely flawed when it comes to supporting their favorite console.

Another stated how they won't support the game until the content is also on the MS console though they have a PS4 pro. Stop lying, you don't have a PS4. What you meant to say is that you won't get the game until they release the same content on your XBO.

I honestly hate how as soon as Sony does something, its considered negative, though MS has been doing it for years. Most of the practices that we see in today's gaming have come from MS. We need to stop this boggled eye view when it comes to MS like they do no wrong, because they are a rich American company. Seriously, last time I checked, MS was founded on lies, stealing, and manipulation. Why would that change now?

This is not a negative towards MS, its just people need to stop looking at the glass half full or half empty when it comes to MS.

AnubisG12d ago

Did you mean like most 3rd party games got timed or completely exclusive content on the 360 and the PS3 was always shafted? Yes, it has swung the other way but it wasn't Sony who started this.

Also, Steam became comfortable. They need to step up and so does MS.

TGGJustin12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I can't take this seriously. You or anyone else below defending Microsoft. MIcrosoft made timed exclusive content a thing last gen when they were the market leader at the time. Oh it was fine for Xbox to have early access to COD Maps, GTA4 DLC, and Elder Scrolls DLC, but now that Sony does it it is anti consumer and they are ruining gaming. Anyone calling out Sony and praising Microsoft is a hypocrite and needs to just shut up.

Sophisticated_Chap12d ago

I have never defended this practice, even when Microsoft has done it in the past. It's a bad deal all around, because it ensures that Microsoft will return fire at some point. I'm actually more interested to see what Steam will do in response to Epic Games, since in that case, Epic is going totally bananas. If Steam sits back and does nothing, then PC gamers will gradually migrate over to the Epic store.

Amphille11d ago

Missing the point. The shadiest tactic is to put more stuff in a game for some gamers and less for others but they all have to pay the same. To my knowledge only Sony does those kind of deals.

RauLeCreuset11d ago


You're veering the conversation toward the problem with a lot of paid extra content, whether it be fan bought DLC or console manufacturer bought exclusive content. It still wouldn't change anything for their Xbox customers if Remedy decided to charge PS4 players for the exclusive content as DLC instead of including it in the base game. For all we know, Sony may have paid them enough for the content to cover whatever Remedy would have made selling the exclusive content to PS4 players as DLC.

The distinction you're making isn't as relevant as it seems and really ought to have been expected given the trajectory of these exclusive content deals.

Ceaser985736112d ago


Dude when things ain't in your favor you become salty it seems.. haha! Its funny to see people like you .. You act Like MS doesn't do the same.. lmao!! Move on Sir...

Amphille11d ago

Name one game that released for both platforms at the same time where the Xbox version had more content but both of the platforms gamers had to pay the same.

Xavi4K12d ago


And what you call Niaoh, hellblade yakuza etc...aren’t all thease fames times exclusives???

Chevalier11d ago

Nioh ONLY happened because Sony published the game and made it viable for Tecmo. Koei to release it.

Yakuza? You are incredibly misinformed about.

" I've never said this before, but while we released this game with Sony, I'd done presentations about it to Microsoft and Nintendo. Back then they said "No we don't want it." Now they say, "We want it!" (laughs) They didn't understand the reason why I created it."

Here's a direct quote from the creator saying how BOTH Nintendo and Xbox said no to Yakuza. So how is Sony the ONLY company to say yes the ones at fault here? The series would likely NOT exist without them. So get your facts straight.

The Wood11d ago

Fact checked mate. . . Chevalier putting numbers on the board. . .

sprinterboy12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

What and MS didn't do it last gen and remember the timed exclusive with crystal dynamics tomb raider? Fuck off dude

LucasRuinedChildhood11d ago

Not surprised that a comment this dumb was written by a commenter with an image of Rees-Mogg as his avatar.

Redlife2g11d ago

You must be new to gaming... This type of thing has been going on for years

2pacalypsenow11d ago

Lol Xbox 360 was grown with purchased times exclusive lol

Master of Unlocking11d ago

Man, someone ought to coin a new phrase for guys like you, something related to VG and stuff, like "RAM" or "ROM" or something..."SAM", for "Short Access Memory", how do you like that?
Y'know, Microsoft have only been doing that for what... oh that's right, the ENTIRETY OF TWO GENERATIONS of videogame systems, after all.

madpuppy11d ago

your kidding me, right?

Poor Microsoft, thank goodness that your here to save them from the evil Sony and Epic, two companies that have a combined market cap that is minuscule in comparison to MS, believe me, If MS was able to destroy these two companies they would have been a footnote in history many years ago. Thank goodness that Sony does not use any of MS tech in their consoles or MS would have done them in years ago. Eww, I shudder at the thought of MS being the only game in town in the console market. If that was the case, I would look for a new hobby.

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ElementX13d ago

This is the kind of crap Spencer is against, not timed exclusives.

kohox13d ago

Exclusive Fortnite skin for new Xbox bundle

ElementX13d ago

You can't compare a skin to weapons and levels. A skin is purely cosmetic and serves no actual gameplay function.

Srhalo13d ago


Well... Microsoft came out with a whole Fortnite Console bundle so... Obviously Microsoft cares. And obviously Microsoft thought enough people cared to make it worth it.

Razzer11d ago

"It's Fortnite, who cares...."

And yet you just said:

"I have never defended this practice, even when Microsoft has done it in the past."

andibandit11d ago

A skin that makes your character look like an you even read the stuff you google???.

Sophisticated_Chap11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

@ Razzer

How many skins does Fortnite have? Hundreds? Are you going to seriously get net out of shape for one skin? That whole game is based on microtransaction, so trying to compare an exclusive skin (of all things) to losing a story mission and mods in a major single player game title, is not on par, and it's ridiculous.

Razzer11d ago

You are the one yapping about how you "never defend this practice". The word "never" has rather specific meaning. Stop being a hypocrite.

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Christopher13d ago

Most exclusive content tends to be timed only. Destiny content is an example.

Silly gameAr13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

If it was MS doing this, windowscentral wouldn't be so dramatic about it, and would probably promote the Xbox version instead. It's called a marketing deal, something that Spencer and MS have done many times.

13d ago
Dragonscale11d ago

@angelic, just stop, ms are just the same if not worse. You sound almost desperate lol

Silly gameAr11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

MS STARTED this exclusive DLC crap, remember? Grand Theft Auto 4? Fallout 3? Any of those ring a freaking bell? gtfo of here with your holier than tho crap. xbox fans are something else.

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13d ago
boing111d ago (Edited 11d ago )

He is against it because he can't secure any exclusives anymore. There is too many PS4s out there. Just like he's suddenly all for cross-play because Sony doesn't want to do it properly. He's channeling typical MS. Glow if it works, cry if it isn't.