Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: How to find and beat the hidden Demon of Hatred endgame boss

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is chock-full of difficult boss encounters, and unfortunately for players, very few of those encounters are optional.

If you’re feeling bold, this guide explains how to locate Sekiro’s hidden Demon of Hatred boss fight and, more importantly, how to go about felling the great beast.

Minor spoilers for Sekiro’s ending follow, so consider yourself warned.

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slayernz6d ago

na just run over to the left by the trees and use the lotus umbrella, wait for him to come over there and he gets stuck behind the trees, from here you can either chip away at him or run over to the right where there is a tower, you can jump up there and then jump across to the roof (quite tough to make the jump but it can be done!) and then just run along the roof to where he is stuck, he will jump off the cliff to his death