Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Teased: ‘Wait Until You See the Sequel’

Star Wars' Actress Janina Gavankar who had a role in the Frozen Wilds DLC accidentally confirms the obvious: Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is happening and it will be something special.

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Neonridr13d ago

No doubt there is a sequel coming. I want to see more of Aloy and her stories.

DarXyde13d ago

That's setting a pretty high bar early on.

Not that I'm complaining. Personally, I'm most excited about the prospect of something later on in the generation like, say, a full fledged VR- supported Gravity Rush 3.

I think that would make a lot of people sick, but it'd be glorious.

rainslacker12d ago


I think GR would be great with VR. OTOH, I actually got nauseous for the first time from PSVR last night trying the Ace Combat 7 VR missions, and I image GR would be much like that...although maybe not as fast on the turns going every which way. Although, it may have been because I was already a bit under the weather, and it was really hot in the house.

esemce12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Has to be they need heavy hitters to sell a systems but with the massive PS4 install base it may be PS4/PS5, maybe the same for TLoU2 too. I can't wait.

bouzebbal12d ago

Now this is huge!!!
I'm just sad no killzone is coming.. I would have been happy for a new episode soon

PapaBop12d ago

I hope so.. they could showcase it by getting David Attenborough to narrate a trailer for the world, that would be so awesome.

supes_2412d ago

Same for me. I’ve played plenty of VR but AC7 VR missions had me pausing the game. Sometimes I hadn’t to quit for the night just to feel better. I usually get over it but not with this. It was crazy!

deafdani12d ago

Or maybe a PS4 swan song, even. It's doable, if they use the same engine, development time is reduced dramatically. It's been 2 years already since Horizon was released, so Guerrilla Games could be well along development for a sequel if they haven't done anything else since (well, aside from the Frozen Wilds expansion, of course, which was probably already in development before Horizon launched).

ILostMyMind12d ago

More likely to be a second-year PS5 game.

81BX12d ago

Sony is in position to have some dope launch titles. I feel this plus socom and last of us 2 would easily be enough at launch

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Casepb12d ago

I'm hoping for a new character. No more boring ol Aloy.

nitus1012d ago (Edited 12d ago )

A little bit of interesting trivia:

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of a few PS4 games that support HDR, so even if you have a first release PS4 if it's output is to a 4K HDR Monitor/TV it should be detected automatically although I do have to stress that HDR auto detection is dependent on the 4K HDR Monitor/TV.

Obviously, if you have a standard PS4 the output will be 1080p but if you have a decent Monitor/TV the image will be upscaled to 4K. I also suggest a version 2.0 or better HDMI cable and they are pretty cheap.

I have a 32" 4K HDR monitor as well as a standard PS4 which detects that it is outputting to a 4K HDR monitor and in the case of Horizon Zero Dawn HDR is automatically enabled. I did try Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and was prompted to allow my PS4 to use HDR so not all games that support HDR automatically send an HDR signal to your display.

HZD has a camera capability and if you are using HDR you will be prompted to turn it off when using the camera mode. This may not be the case for some HDR displays.

LegendaryKingofGames12d ago

I have a Spider-man PS4 Pro and a 65 inch 4K hdr tv, I can’t wait to play this weekend!

Jin_Sakai13d ago

“It’s incredible, wait until you see the sequel. You’re gonna die….I know some secrets! – you’re gonna die!“

I can only imagine what this game will look like on PS5.

ClayRules201213d ago

Yeah, HZD2 on PS5, I can’t even imagine how it’ll look. The original game has the most impressive lighting system, and the way colors pop, and the amazing foliage on display, it’s a thing of absolute beauty. Reminds me of James Cameron’s “Avatar”

Moe-Gunz13d ago

HZD2 with FromSoftware difficultly confirmed

Jin_Sakai13d ago

“HZD2 with FromSoftware difficultly confirmed”

Please no. Some of us don’t like very hard games and just want an enjoyable experience like myself.

No Way13d ago

It wouldn't even work - they wold lose half their fanbase, lol.

OB1Biker12d ago

People don't get jokes around here haha

william_cade12d ago

I heard it was going to be harder than From's games.

DaDrunkenJester12d ago

Prepare to die edition please

nitus1012d ago

The original HZD has a difficulty select before and in-game (sort of like Skyrim, The Witcher 3 ... etc). I have tried the hardest difficulty and also the second hardest but could not pick the difference except for the fact that the hardest difficulty forces you to grind since everything is ridiculously expensive.

Moe-Gunz12d ago

People it was a joke 🤦🏽‍♂️

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rainslacker12d ago

Suppose it'll look so good that we're going to die from it....

Sign me up though. First one is one of my favorite games this gen. Was a fresh experience, and I loved every minute of it.

Relientk7713d ago

Yep, can't wait for Horizon Zero Dawn 2. The first is the best new IP this generation if you ask me.

ClayRules201213d ago

I can’t imagine Horizon: Zero Dawn 2... The first game is a masterpiece & the most graphically stunning game this generation “in my opinion”

robtion13d ago

Definately one of the best. Depends if you consider Bloodborne a new IP or not. I guess it's really just an evolution of the souls games.

HZD2 will blow some minds though I'm sure. Guerilla are wizards in the visuals department.

DarXyde12d ago

Sony has such an impressive array of studios and they each seem to have something about them that makes them great. Guerrilla is probably their most impressive studio in terms of tech, Naughty Dog is perhaps the greatest in terms of narrative and attention to detail (not specifically graphics per se, but nuanced realistic things like scaling a wall with Nathan Drake and if you're holding onto a ledge with one arm positioning to the next, you can actually see the veins in his gripping arm pop more and his muscles shake which, while small, is extremely thoughtful in its own right; wind physics are consistent with all characters present, too), and Polyphony Digital places a remarkable level of research into their product. Despite all of this, Sony Japan is my favorite studio because their games are so visionary and give new life to the notion that games are art.

I don't expect much change in gameplay for a Horizon sequel-- why fix what isn't broken? But I think if Horizon 2 is early generation PS5, expect it to run on Decima and future titles will utilize a Decima 2.0. The visuals on PS5 alone will be something to marvel at. After seeing Ghost of Tsushima run on Pro, I am seriously in awe of what Sony can accomplish.

maximumspidey12d ago

Best new ip? Weird way to say sekiro

kohox13d ago

I can't wait, gimme gimme gimme!


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