Does Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice suffer from not having Dark Souls' and Bloodborne's multiplayer?

Do you miss the funny messages left behind by fellow gamers, and do you loathe not being able to team up with others to topple an extremely difficult Goliath?

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DarkOcelet8d ago

Gotta admit that I was very disappointed by the removal of both multiplayer and customization and being able to make a variety of builds like Bloodborne and Dark souls trilogy. Being able to invade other players just to get ganked by 1-3 phantoms plus the host were some of my favorite highlights in gaming in general so its a shame an amazing system like that was entirely removed or being able to help others with a boss that i knew was a bitch to kill felt satisfying. I really loved Sekiro and the boss fights were superb once I learned the combat well enough. But it felt like it needed just needed more of everything whether its content, variety, locations, weapons, styles, different armors, bosses etc etc.

While some might say its a new IP so give it some slack when it comes to content but a few years before that, From Software released Bloodborne which was a new IP but had so much more including multiplayer, chalice dungeons, more weapons, different armor sets, more bosses etc etc. If i can sum up Sekiro in a few words I would say it is a great game with a horrible replay value sadly.

jerethdagryphon6d ago

I agree I was disappointed in those same factors lack of armor weapons and ability to build a build that works for me makes it much harder

monochromer7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Yes. Period. It's a wonderful game, but FromSoftware has a template that works. I'm not saying I don't respect their creative vision, but I still say "yes, the game suffers from the removal of those features."

ziggurcat7d ago

it might have quelled a lot of the easy mode nonsense. I have yet to start it, myself.

AK917d ago

Surprisingly no from me, I thought it would be a big issue when I heard about it for release but after playing it I realised I completely forgot about it.

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