Ubisoft apologizes for homophobic slur in The Division 2

An image of a police officer that contained the slur has been removed from the game.

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TheEnigma3138d ago

I'm sick of this weak pc generation where everyone is offended. I wouldn't apologize for anything.

PhantomS428d ago

It's one thing to be offended at something that was clearly offensive. It's another to search high and low and manipulate something just to be offended such as this instance. The numbers aren't even remotely close to representing letters.

TheEnigma3138d ago

Yup people go searching for something to be offended about just for self pity.

kalkano8d ago

Define "clearly offensive". Depending on the person you're talking about, they exact opposites could be what is offensive. If you go down that road, entire subjects will not be allowed to be discussed, at all.

luckytrouble8d ago

I can't tell if you're showing how young or simply how ignorant you are to various aspects of internet culture, but I encourage you to look up 1337-speak.

jeki8d ago

Are you telling us that “FA6607” is just coincidental? Is that what you're really saying? I can't tell if you're joking or not.

Germ_the_Nobody8d ago

LOL What? It's very clear what those numbers represent.

SpinalRemains1388d ago (Edited 8d ago )

You're joking right?

Look, I am not offended personally, seeing as my generation used the word daily. It's what guys called one another when breaking balls.

However, as an adult I do understand why it is offensive now because the discussion has been brought up and I now get it.

To pretend that leet speak doesn't exist and that someone tried to manipulate the above into being offended, is to alter reality. It was put there with a clear purpose.

averagejoe268d ago

Holy shit N4G is a cess pool of the worse kind of people. It's clear what it says and the fact so many people upvoted you is insane. This place sucks.

rainslacker8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Apparently, they have an image screening process to look for offensive material, and likely copyrighted material. I guess the "leetspeak" translation isn't so widely known that it got caught by the people who are supposed to be looking for such things. But, to me, anyone that uses leetspeak should really be shot, and I assume anyone who could recognize it enough to be able to pull this one out of the triggered bag probably falls into that category.


It's also the hex color for safety cone orange. Maybe the artist just really likes safety cones, or the vest that police wear which is the same color.

I don't think that's the case here. I think the more logical conclusion is the artist slipped it through.

I personally am not offended, and not sure if I should feel offended with others who feel offended by it.

I find the representation of a cop being a donut eating....not sure what really...and I assume the slur was used to cast shame on the police, which the signage actually does, and such a term would be derogatory and even common vernacular in many cases. So, I assume it refers to the cop/s, as opposed to the group of people who would be traditionally classified under the term in it's definitive context.


It's clear what it says. Just no one cares that other people are offended, because the people that get offended, seem to do so so much, that they have become the modern day equivalent of drama queens, or that ex-girlfriend you eventually kicked to the curb because you got tired of listening to all their whining about their lives, and how unfair everything was, when most of their problems were self induced.

Don't mistake people's lack of empathy as anymore more than just being tired of hearing people such as yourself cry that you are offended, and that we are somehow moral degenerates who have no redeeming qualities. There's a distinct reason why people now treat much of these issues with such hostility, and it has nothing to do with them being discriminatory

nyu17d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Oh come on. I agree with the first part of what you wrote but

"The numbers aren't even remotely close to representing letters."

It's pretty obvious what it means. That is 100% intentional (which is fine, it can fit into the context). It represents a slur for sure, even if it is a nod to Police Story or whatever.

Cobra9517d ago

Yeah, they do represent letters. Come on. Artists have a tradition of hiding messages that would never pass muster if they were obvious. The problem here is that the message hits a very sore nerve in current times. "Sticks and stones . . ." was the wisdom of my youth. That obviously has changed now, for the worse.

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Eonjay8d ago

I'm sick of people acting like only the offensive have freedom of speech.
Its just that simple. You don't want to lose the ablility to say when you don't like something.
Again I'm warning people overtly what they are advocating is brainwashing.
Everyone, the offensive and the offended have the right to express themselves.

BlackTar1878d ago

completely agree but they're not legislating the offended.

SpinalRemains1388d ago (Edited 8d ago )

This isn't a first amendment issue. No one is seeking litigation.

Gaming1018d ago

Except in this case the offended demanded the stifling of offensive speech by demanding it be taken down, censored. Has nothing to do with whether it was litigated or not. The developers gave in because they don't want to be labelled homophobes.

rainslacker8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

The people who are offended aren't having to spend 10 grand to Sony, and 5 grand to MS, to issue an update because of a piece of art. They get to sit on their soap box on the internet and be offended, when the piece of art doesn't affect them beyond their own triggered emotions, which are really only their problems in cases like this.

Not saying they don't have the right to express they're offended, and Ubi is free to feel that it isn't proper and remove it. Just that freedom of speech is usually a one way street nowadays, because even lack of action can be a press release nightmare if it's not handled right, and can cause lots of money lost to a company due to an innocuous comment or some piece of art slipping through like this, while the offended don't have any recourse against them for spurious claims, or damages to the company for their own actions and comments through said free speech.

Oh.....and this isn't a free speech issue. Ubi isn't forced to censor the content. That's their choice. The people who pointed it out aren't being censored, just people are hostile towards those groups now. More people are offended by the offended people, than I think are offended by the original content. But that's where we've gotten to in today's society, where every molehill is a vast mountain range....with an erupting volcano in the center....which was really just put there by the patriarchy or something.

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Bane358d ago

I hear you im sick of it too

Christopher8d ago

I'm sick of this weak PC generation where everyone is offended by people apologizing because they feel they should and they have the freedom to do as such if that's what they want.

DarXyde8d ago

You would if your business model depended on it and people began boycotting your games.

Personally, this would have completely escaped me had it not been brought to my attention. Then again, I don't play Ubisoft games anymore and I only read the article out of curiosity.

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Ol_Boy8d ago

The people who unapologetically offend any group they don't agree with are so easily offended.

SpinalRemains1388d ago

Yes that's the ultimate irony. Those who are so "sick of apologizing" are the most sensitive of all.

Rather than pondering why something may be offensive, and trying to better themselves and make the world a better place, they fold their arms and cry foul.

rainslacker8d ago

No, he really doesn't.

The offended of today's society have diluted the meaning of "being offended" to the point of it really just being a socially acceptable way to be a drama queen, and actually have people continue to listen to you longer before they get tired of listening to you or putting up with your crap.

By you and your, I'm referring to the people who are offended.

We're currently at the point on these forums at least, where many of us are just telling these people we're tired of hearing it. If all goes as normal, then those people will eventually be ignored, will have to conform to fit back into society, or continue being offended to the point of being social pariahs, which they already kind of do by forming safe spaces for themselves. It'll help when companies stop pandering to them, because as of now, they're just being enabled to feel like they're achieving something meaningful.

OB1Biker7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Looks like you may get arrested for wearing this T-shirt now.
Heck I might get banned here.

But then you ll probably miss the point anyway.

MegaKooter8d ago

Sounds like you're outraged at the people who are outraged at the outraged.

Elda8d ago

I would have never noticed it other than that I'm enjoying The Division 2.

optimus8d ago

me neither. i don't speak or write that leet crap so it definitely would have went over my head and i would have thought that it was the stereotypical portrayal of a cop eating a donut that would be deemed offensive. which i wouldn't understand since the simpsons do it all the time.

rainslacker8d ago

I didn't recognize it, even when they called it leetspeak in the article. I have seen leetspeak enough to recognize quite a few words, and I always found it annoying when people use it.

When I saw the FA letters at the start, I thought maybe it was some reference to some hex code, so looking it up, it's safety cone orange. A rather specific color to just randomly be chosen out of millions of possibilities. Although I think the term the article posits, and that people are offended by, is actually more likely.

Servbot418d ago

I don't care about this "controversy" but Division 2 has TONS of great little details, its really worth exploring every nook and cranny.