Sony Scoop on MAG, Resistance PSP, Infamous, and Socom Confrontation Trophies

Ripten: "A trusted source has let Ripten in on some information regarding the status of several high profile Sony titles on the horizon, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a break from my LittleBigPlanet fun-fest and fill you all in."

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FBl3667d ago

I'll buy all of the exclusives

GiantEnemyLobster3667d ago

Anyone else notice all the grey and brown color scheme for each of these games? ZZZzzz

ThatCanadianGuy3667d ago

That's what happens when you play to much gears of war.
All you see is grey and brown after :(

Shane Kim3667d ago

HAHAHHA. Nice one Canadian ;).

GiantEnemyLobster3667d ago

There seems to be lots of you around here these days. i didnt know it was troll mating season already

shawnsl653666d ago

lobster on a ps3 topic again.. sigh.. and he thinks others are trolling.. double sigh..

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ThatCanadianGuy3667d ago

256 players in one match? F*CK YEAH!

ThatCanadianGuy3667d ago

7 Red rings of death a year?


Xheratuul3667d ago

i see that you struggled to bash the Ps3 by its harmless and usefull patches. Remain calm, and please dont immaturize other 360 gamers with childish comments

InMyOpinion3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Mandatory installs, no trophies and inferior multiplat games? F*CK YEAH!

Shane Kim3667d ago

hahahaha Canadian is on a spree. Please Lobster, stop embarrassing yourself. You are only getting owned.

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omodis4203667d ago

MAG is going to be huge. If it pans out.

Nostradavis3667d ago

Well then, let's hope it pans out.

KillaManiac3667d ago

Cant wait for some real info on MAG!

Stinks that Resistance PSP isnt doing too hot.

Danja3667d ago

same heer hoping MAG turns out great , if so then then this might actually put RFOM2 to shame...

Looking forward to getting more info on Infamous one of my most anticipated games for next year.

and im sure Resistance for the PSP will turn out great ? are insomniac the ones making this game btw ?

Ju3667d ago

No. The Syphon Filter guys making the game (AFAIK).

Danja3667d ago

ok thanx for the info ...^_^

Well im sure Resistance Retribution will turn out great since these are the same guys who made Syphon Filter: Dark Mirrors which is one of my fave PSP games.

barom3667d ago

I couldn't give a crap about the shooters. But inFamous, that looks like it'll be a very unique title. I really hope it makes it out next year.

Jinxstar3667d ago

I could have swore it was Zipper studios making MAG...

Pain3667d ago

This year just Hurts . so many games and GOOD one's to boot. i cant find any bloody time to play..

Mozilla893667d ago

Zipper is making MAG thats why they haven't made a SOCOM yet, I'm really looking forward to inFamous it looks sweet.

BiggDaddy3113667d ago

Yeap I got Far Cry 2 just collecting dust right now bc of LBP. Doesn't get easier with R2 and COD5 next 2 weeks.

To clear up above:

Sony's Bend studio is making the Resistance PSP.

Zipper the makers of the first couple of Socoms (not latest PS3 Socom that is Slant 6) are making MAG.

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Raoh3667d ago

256 is an ambitious goal.. i hope sony has a plan for servers.. i love sony's games but i'm not the biggest fans of their servers

Danja3667d ago

Sony's dedicated srvers work really well.....go play RFOM1 ,Motorstorm , Warhawk , COD4 just to name a few...the servers work damn good..

Socom servers have been great as of late also

PimpHandHappy3667d ago

Because Socom had issues? Try out 98% of the other games online you can play on your PS3 and tell me the servers are bad

silly fukr

Nostradavis3667d ago

I happen to love Socom. It was one of the first to do the third person military with such a high level of quality. So many others followed after it.