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Submitted by Lavitz1989 2654d ago | news

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm To Have 3.9GB Install

GP Reports: "Here we go again folks! More news on the mandatory install of the upcoming Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm that is set to release in a couple of days! As we go hands-on with the retail build of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, a mandatory install popped up having you wait for at least 15-20 minutes to install the 3.9GB Data of the game..." (Culture, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, PS3)

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PS3rd the Turd  +   2654d ago
PS3rd is such a piece of garbage
I_am_rushin  +   2654d ago
Isn't it funny when you and other xbutt lemmings show off your shiny new NXE and it's game installs which show know improvement in graphics. But when a genuine high quality visuals title like this uses the full PS3 capabilities, hence it's exclusive, HDD installs are somehow a bad thing.
GiantEnemyLobster  +   2653d ago
HDD mandatory installs ARE bad
The option to install games on your harddrive for 360 is so much better, because the game plays right off the harddrive. the mandatory installs for PatchStation are just a hassle, since EVERY game has them, and for some reason the load times are still slower than the Xbox 360s? Hmm.. thats odd
InMyOpinion  +   2653d ago
A 6-7 gb game takes 7-8 minutes to install on the 360. 3.9gb takes 15-20 mins on the PS3. Don't forget that PS3 owners also have to install demos before they can play them lol! Do you have to install trophies as well before you get to collect them?
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2654d ago
This really
isn't news anymore.

PS3...installs to assist load times.

Xbox...installs if you want a cooler running machine.

yada yada yada
Fox01  +   2654d ago
I don't get it. Why does it take 15-20 minutes to install 4 Gb on the PS3, when it takes within 5-8 minutes to install an entire game on the X360? And why is it mandatory??

You get a cooler running machine and improved load times with the HDD install; you'll know what I'm talking about if you installed Fable 2 or Dead or Alive 4.
Rekyyli  +   2654d ago
Hey pal, it´s teh eh Cell.

Don´t you dare question it!
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Jecht  +   2653d ago
Look at the size of the install
3.9GB for a game like Naruto? It's obviously got more to do with than the load times. PS3 installs help with load times, and graphical problems/enhancements. Probably some other stuff we aren't told about.
solidsnakus  +   2653d ago
the ps3 has mandatory installs because the blueray drive is only 2x speed. if the ps3 were to load a game like gta4 off the disk alone youd get unbelievably bad pop. 360s dvd drive is up to 12x so it can load the games off the disk at high speeds with no problems.
Lanoire  +   2653d ago
fox is another fanboy in disguise.
5-8 minutes on 360?

Wait, hold on yer horses there BOY, since when is this game on the 360 again?


So get the fk out.

And for your information, 360 doesnt install the whole game. The 5-8 minutes reduces LOADING times up to 15-25%.

The only difference between "mandatory" installs on PS3 is that you have to delete that shiat MANUALLY when its done. Because they can both be removed from HDD.

Your kind dont belong in the gamer zone. Everyone report him.
FACT: installs are a good thing.
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Pain  +   2653d ago
Thats why we got the big Hard Drives.
i got room.
Jecht  +   2653d ago
Dude, Blu-Ray has faster constant read speeds and is only 1 MB/s slower than the 12x DVD drive of the 360. It has very little to do with the read speed.
jack who  +   2654d ago
ps3.they already know thanks tho
Nitrowolf2  +   2654d ago
wow i did not expect it to be that big, for this game. I epected in the 1 GB to 2GB somewhere between that.
Man i hope the load times are not as annoying as that review said
Voozi  +   2654d ago
Holy.... 3.9gb...I only have 10gb left on my hdd too lol (60gb here)

Guess I better start deleting some old game data from games I dont even play anymore to try and free up some space lol
Dirty J  +   2654d ago
Had the same problem weeks ago but then i changed my HHD to 320GB, now this is living :P
I_am_rushin  +   2654d ago
What do you do with your HDD space. You do realize it would take up 10 5gb install games to fill up you HDD to this limit.
ruibing  +   2654d ago
Just upgrade to 320GB. These 5400RPM HDDs are ridiculously cheap nowadays.
Omega4  +   2654d ago
A 4GB install for a fighting game?

I could understand if it were an opened world game like Fallout or Far Cry but its a fighting game

i cant begin to imagine what PS3 games would be like if Sony hadnt added a HDD as standard, infact i doubt many games would even be produced for the console at least from 3rd parties
Lavitz1989  +   2654d ago
it's a action-adventure-fighting style game. much better than Rise of Ninja.
poopsack  +   2654d ago
shows how much you know. it IS an open world game.
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badz149  +   2654d ago
yeah right, omega
even if it requires only 1GB or 512MB or less, you will then say at least all 360 games don't need install. this game has open world element in it and you clearly don't know and will never ever buy it, right? you came here only to talk smack about PS3 and that's what you've been doing all these times!
Jecht  +   2653d ago
Another person who doesn't know anything about the installs.
TheColbertinator  +   2654d ago
At least IGN confirmed it was good.If the game got a 5 or 7,I think the installation would have been the nail on the coffin for this game
incogneato  +   2654d ago
who cares
Kyur4ThePain  +   2654d ago
People who don't own a PS3.
Jecht  +   2653d ago
To both of you.
DNAgent  +   2654d ago
Is this supposed to be a bad thing?
I usually see the Xbots laugh about install times but I don't see it as a bad thing. I mean I can see why they see it as a bad thing. They have those small HDD and there are a lot of people that still just have the 20GB HDD (which is really about 13GB) so of course they see installs as a bad thing.

Besides, I wouldn't mind installing this game as I have plenty of space and it will be better than the 360's Naruto game so I think it's worth the install.
rebirthofcaos  +   2654d ago
at least the ps3 installs are not to prevent the ps3 to rrod XD XD try to spin that.

PS3 ID: Amvient
Jill Valentine  +   2653d ago
you mad FORCED installs are in.i rather have rrod then having no games.also ps3 has YLOD and blu ray drives break. People have to forced themselves to buy a big hdd because of forced installs. also even a 300 gig will run out at this rate with gmaes being forced to be installed with 5 gigs.
Jecht  +   2653d ago
@Jill Valentine
Find someone who suffered YLOD.
thebudgetgamer  +   2653d ago
@6.1every electronic devise can fail
and im sure there has been ps3s that failed
but it sure isnt 35%

Stryfeno2  +   2654d ago
Is this install optional?
Oner  +   2654d ago
It doesn't really matter if it did or didn't. But we all know certain "types" will say different only to troll (i.e. not real gamers)

PC's have had installs forever ~ nobody complains about that
360 is now getting them (even as optional) ~ but no one complains then huh?


The fact is installs (mandatory OR optional) are to take the load of the laser and speed load times, thus it does not matter either way. Because if anyone says otherwise they are only saying so to try and make a weak biased point i.e. it's okay for 360 installs but not PS3? but an install is an install isn't lets review.

1) 360 install "good" because it can POSSIBLY help RROD, Laser issues & load times so that makes it "right"

2) PS3 install "bad" because it does the same but because it is mandatory it is not "right"

Um biased double standard anyone? Whatever. Those who want to be immature, uninformed, biased fake non gamer fanboys will only further prove who they are when they will be obvious.
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InMyOpinion  +   2653d ago
It's MANDATORY. Unlike 360 installs the PS3 installs don't do much for loading times. They are basically there to support the PS3's bottle-neck memory.
Oner  +   2653d ago
Thank you for proving my point and showing your bias with your misinformation Jenzo...
robotnik  +   2654d ago
Naruto sucks.
InMyOpinion  +   2653d ago
On the PS3. Naruto on the 360 works like it's supposed to.
akaFullMetal  +   2654d ago
what the hell i really am getting sick of the installs dammit, they need to figure another way around that crap.
Neo604  +   2654d ago
It probaly for the best.
They would waste ur time if it isn't neccesary.
mac4u10  +   2654d ago
wtf over 3gb install its getting out of hand now guys im a loyal ps3 gamer but come on now its ment to be a console sony really screwed this gereneration honest evn girl i no dont care abt it this time round its just too complecaited they say i wish sony wud come to me for advice wen building next gem consoles. they need to rethink n bring a cut dwn version so i cud buy it for my son he dosent need all this high tech features.
shawnsl65  +   2653d ago
This won't even put a scratch on my 1 TB drive for the ps3. They did have a cut down version, it's called the 20gb version. You complain about the amount of space needed for installs and then asks for a cut down version.. it just doesn't add up + major grammatical errors which killed a piece of my brain (axon neurons dendrites pick a piece).
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bman33  +   2654d ago
Though this game is incredible and im very excited for it, the dev team is starting to get on my nerves. Whats with no online and no trophy support.
the_bebop  +   2654d ago
There is no online because they were focusing on making the offline version the best it could be. As for trophies the only thing I can think of is maybe a download able patch in the future.
djroberts  +   2654d ago
Geez... installs are only ok if it's on the XBox because it prevents the crappy hardware from imploding and makes less noise. Since these people have no idea what it does for the PS3, it must be bad.
Arcturus  +   2654d ago
why would i want 4 GB of garbage on my HDD. id rather burn the disk then play diablo 2.
Socomer 1979  +   2654d ago
sounds good to me.
I got 180 of 250 gigabytes on my hardrive. Whoops!
god_o_war  +   2654d ago
lol is this the same like the far cry 3.5 gb which supposedly took ages to install but in reality only took 2.5-2.9 gb and 3 min to install??
cherrypie  +   2654d ago
For those who dont know *WHY*; you can thank Sony's MPAA division putting a movie-format in your PS3:

thebudgetgamer  +   2653d ago
thank you sony for giving us the next gen of high def movies
1080p FTW
gano  +   2654d ago
The stupidity in people. Well it does not bother me,
revolver, the insider, 2 venture bros, a squid, family guy,
american dad over 200 gigs left and counting.
Amazing you can get 320 so cheap. That's value for you.

Day one limited ed.
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Ju  +   2653d ago
Looks like Sony allows the devs up to a 4G install. GT5 is 6, AFAIR. Well, isn't too bad. I got about 20G back on my 60G drive after a cleanup and don't miss anything since. At some point I'll put a 320G in there, but not really urgent.
shawnsl65  +   2653d ago
i'd get a 500gb~1tb drive if the system really will last that long. who knows what the future will hold for new titles. I'm getting this naruto title though even without it having online matches.
MAiKU  +   2653d ago
It only sucks
Until it's done installing, i guess most people lack the capabilities to find something to do while it installs.

Oh well.
LeGenDx  +   2653d ago
patient is virtue
get something to eat while u wait ..
makingdamage  +   2653d ago
That means a better game experience.
narutofan1  +   2650d ago
why cant we just download the entire game of naruto storm in the ps3 but in the 360 they can
narutofan1  +   2650d ago
i mean really!! that sucks

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