Our Favorite Handhelds of all Time

Zahi AR. from Link-Cable writes: "The handheld idea was a revolutionary design that brought gaming from the couch and living room to anywhere in the world with the right portable console. From the early days of handhelds like the Game Boy, the Sega Game Gear to now bringing your whole console with you for the Nintendo Switch, handheld gaming has come a long way. Today at Link – Cable we’ll be discussing which handheld devices are our favorites and that we’ve enjoyed the most!"

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EddieNX 9d ago

The Vita is right at the bottom of the list of best handhelds. Vanished of western shelves after 2 years, awful first and third party support and only a handful of genuinely good games like P4G .


3-4-57d ago

I love my Vita for what it is, but the game selection is terrible and too niche focused.

The rpgs were all too similar as well....not a lot of traditional game genres or sub genres.

autobotdan8d ago

No Sega Genesis Nomad anywhere here. Before the Nintendo Switch, there was the Sega Genesis Nomad

PoSTedUP8d ago

gamegear, gameboy micro, vita, gameboy color.

GtPawnSacrifices8d ago

I’d just started high school when I first met the Game boy (‘94) & would get a Pocket edition a couple of years later.
Back then a lack recharge via USB or an internet connection, let alone WiFi was nothing.
You needed a continual supply of AA batteries (GB took 4 for 10h of play)
And that’s only because the screen wasn’t backlit.
If you wanted to play a GB, you had to do it in a well lit room,.. but not too well lit cause that’d also make the image invisible....
Ahhh the 90s.

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The story is too old to be commented.