Alpine Green Joins the DualShock 4 Lineup in April

The newest member of the DualShock 4 family comes in a handsome two-toned green and white finish.

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Neonridr9d ago

agree. Those two colors aren't ones that scream "a match made in heaven"

Jin_Sakai9d ago

My only problem is those white sticks. They won’t be white very long.

rainslacker9d ago

I like the white for the buttons and control pads, but not on the bottom casing of the controller. Would be much better if the green was a bit more towards the hunter green color, but this controller doesn't really make me think I want it.

The black touch pad really kind of ruins the color scheme though.

DrumBeat9d ago

The touch pad clashes with the rest of the colors, otherwise it'd be fine.

Unspoken8d ago

Great exclusives, terrible designs and aesthetics. This thing is fugly.

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darthv729d ago

Kind of wish it were translucent green like the old PSOne version.

luckytrouble9d ago

With the light bar, any translucent casing will just be a glow stick. Not desirable.

darthv729d ago

hadnt thought of that. good point.

Sgt_Slaughter9d ago

They already made three different "crystal" colors though, and if you put the light bar on dim (like everyone should to save battery) it's not at all a glow stick, so his idea would look great.

NapalmSanctuary8d ago

Not true. Ive got a translucent blue ps4 controller and the light bar doesn't light up the whole controller.

NarooN9d ago

Man those translucent PS1 controllers were the bomb!

Knushwood Butt9d ago

Quite like it but still want the orange and blue one. Not sold here. Are DS4s universal / work on any region PS4?

Chevalier9d ago

That Sunset Orange one was sweet reminds me of Gokus costume in Dragon Ball Z. That one is hard to find now though I think its discontinued.

Silly gameAr9d ago

The orange and blue one is a beauty.

DaDrunkenJester9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I love this color, but I wish the touchpad was green or white to match the rest instead of the same black.

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The story is too old to be commented.