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The Division 2 seeks to address a laundry list of complaints from the first game, while expanding on what people liked about it. Does it succeed? Perhaps, if players have a lot of free time.

Redlife2g3d ago

This site is a complete joke for reviews..they gave anthem a better score lol. I own both games and there is no way anthem is a better game then division 2.

Nitrowolf23d ago

Yeah I went in thinking I’d hate the division 2 TBH. I’m only a few hours in and man it has content. I didn’t like the beta, maybe cause of the performance and visual issues but they have really turned this around for me.

So far liking it

Alek832d ago

Agreed. Anthem is a broken pile of jank. I left and am playing DIvision 2.
Until Bioware gets their head out of their ass and removes the terrible scaling system, and fixes the crapton of bugs, there is no point in ever going back.

Division 2 on the other hand, I like. Haven't seen any bugs, no crashes, and weapons get progressively better, not worse.

txboy052d ago

You mean Division 1.5 ! It’s the same damn game ! I got a refund

Redlife2g2d ago

You obviously only played the game for 10mins...they made some nice changes to this one

gammaray132d ago

your spot on buddy its utter crap

someone722d ago

Amazingly I own both as well and feel hands down anthem is a better game.

That said, im finding div 2 better than div 1, which is refreshing. Still a long ways to go for final judgement though as Ive only sunk in a couple hours into div 2(as opposed to 40+ in anthem)

Germ_the_Nobody2d ago

Anthem is WAY better than The Division

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Sm00thNinja3d ago

Game is phenomenal just wanting clicks

Razmiran3d ago

Cheat code central back at it with the clickbait
I still remember when 2 vampire games were announced (Vampyr and Code vein) and they came out like THERE ARE TOO MANY VAMPIRE GAMES, WE HAVE HAD OUR FILL WITH THE VAMPIRE DLC FROM SKYRIM

Parasyte3d ago

What little bit I have been able to play is fantastic. Just wish I could get it to stop crashing.

jagermaster6192d ago

What are you playing it on? I've been playing since Tuesday with no issues so far.

Parasyte2d ago

PC. I can't play the game for more that 5-7 minutes without it crashing to desktop

zeetheron3d ago

Never got into the first one..played the beta.. meh. But after watching some clips of the full game on youtube, i just bought it. And wow after about 10 hours in i love it. Gonna play this for a long time

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