Kojima Productions currently working with PlayStation marketing team

It seems like the marketing for Death Stranding may be shifting into a higher gear. On Monday March 11, Kojima Productions got a visit by the soon-to-be deputy president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan.

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Jin_Sakai2d ago

Exciting time ahead. I can’t wait to see more Death Stranding or better yet playing it!

Nyxus2d ago

Hopefully this means we'll get some substantial information soon. But they probably want to focus on Days Gone first.

fr0sty1d 23h ago

"Kojima Productions currently trying to explain to the marketing team exactly what the hell it is they are promoting."

Redrex70002d ago

how many big wig like him
left the company they got famous for
and was actually successful?

capjacksparrow2d ago

The most recent example would be Zampella. Just happened last month. I mean, Titanfall had some moderate success, but Apex is incredibly succeful already.

I_am_Batman2d ago

From the top of my head Hideki Kamiya, Shinji Mikami and Ken Levine come to mind but I don't see how this is relevant. The situation with every director will be completely different and there are a lot of unique circumstances that determine the likelyhood of a successful switch to another company.

Simply looking at Konami's fall from grace I'd say leaving the company was the best thing that Kojima could've done. The fact that he ended up securing a deal with Sony, a publisher known for giving their 1st and 2nd party devs a lot of creative freedom, is a huge bonus.

Soap_Z2d ago

Hideki Kamiya left Capcom and then collaborated with Nintendo
Shinji Mikami left Capcom and then collaborated with Bethesda
Vince Zampella and Jason West left EA to create Infinity ward to make Call of Duty
Then they left Activision to create Respawn to make Titanfall and Apex

Absonite1d 21h ago

It's only fitting... As far as I know Sony has always loved Kojima and hold him in high regard to the companies success.

TFJWM2d ago

A big difference is he pretty much took his whole team with as well as what was said above.

Redrex70002d ago

welp my point is people be hype
and we barely saw the game yet

Nyxus2d ago

We've seen several lengthy trailers. And people are hyped because it's Hideo Kojima (and not only him but a lot more talent from Konami, such as Yoji Shinkawa).

Absonite1d 17h ago

I have no internal hype for the game. I am definitely looking forward to it, but we'll reserve calling something a masterpiece until it's finished.

Redrex70001d 12h ago

id care who on board
it can still be trash
people need to chill out
on the whole rock star
style creator lol its just kind of funny

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SuperSonic912d ago

PlayStation and Kojima Production Absolute Congratulation from the PS4 Nation.

Sly052d ago

It's already started, visiting all those studios was the first steps of the marketing.

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