Anthem: The Desperate Struggle for Identity and Purpose

The disconnect between gameplay and purpose is too strong in BioWare’s looter shooter.

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Casepb2d ago

Your problem is that you're comparing the game to these other games where you're something special. The guardian of the galaxy, the most powerful man alive, the destined treasure hunter, etc. Anthem you're just an average mercenary, nobody special. You're just another guy with a power suit of armor. If you have to be the center of the universe, then yeah... Anthem isn't for you. They wanted you to feel like a small piece of the puzzle, not the glue that holds it together. I respect BioWare for making your character just another Joe and not the chosen one who will save the world for the 10 millionth time. With that being said I do wish missions had more variety.

WickedLester1d 23h ago

He doesnt have a problem. He has an opinion and you know darn well this game has issues that go well beyond his misperception of thinking he should be the center of the universe.

Shikoku2d ago

That's what dev time is for and it had 6yrs.

GameBoyColor2d ago

6 years and barely any end game at launch. Thats crazy tbh.

KyRo2d ago

Anthem will be great in a years time which is usually the case with any other GaaS type game. For some reason they all start out lacking.

Hungryalpaca1d 19h ago

They start lacking because they cut all the content out to get you to come back later.

They all still lack.

King_Noctis2d ago

This game is full of bug and the performance is like sh*t. I can’t play without getting the framerate drop to a single digit whenever there is a gunfight.

The Division 2 on the other hand plays like a dream. There is barely any framerate drop, the combat is fun, and there are very little bugs. I can see alot of players leaving Anthem for The Division.