No Man's Sky is taking us 'Beyond' NEXT in what is the game's most ambitious update so far

No Man’s Sky players around the world will be treated to the free No Man’s Sky: BEYOND update this Summer, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Introducing a brand-new social and multiplayer experience, the update promises to bring players together like never before.

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Jin_Sakai9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

This is what I like to hear. Hello Games have really redeemed themselves over the years. Can’t wait to see what’s in BEYOND.

“BEYOND’s multiplayer experience will change the way players come together and offer radical new ways to explore the universe. However, it will not require a subscription, will not contain micro-transactions and will be completely free for all existing players.”

darthv729d ago

It's good they didnt give up on this game and took all the criticism to heart in order to make it more fleshed out experience. Thus is the case for many of these bare bones initial releases. They all have potential to redeem themselves as long as both the developer and the fans dont give up hope.

Kosic9d ago

Only issue is, how many people still play this? Considering the last few updates that completely fixed the game. I didn't return too it, or hear anyone I know return too it.
Feel like it's something they should soon move on from and build another I.P. could be wasted talent for a small player base (unsure on player numbers)

Godmars2909d ago

Still a pity it was advertised and released in the original state it was. Bad that such an example has become standard, and accepted, in gaming culture.

Dannycr9d ago

No, this does not redeem them. This does not excuse the state in which they launched the game. This goes to show some of the things that were supposed to be in the game from the start.

With that said, it's decent of them (the least they could do) to actually not abandon the current gamers. That gets at least a bit of my respect.

KillZallthebeast9d ago

Considering most companies would of cut ties and bailed long ago it certainly helps put their name above some others.

Brave_Losers_Unite9d ago

Someone has high standards for respect.

Dannycr9d ago

@Killzallthebeast Well, one thing does not excuse the other. We cannot forgive and forget this easily or we will keep getting No mans Sky's and Anthem's. They flat-out lied to us in our faces, and that is 100% unacceptable.

@Brave It's hard-earned money. If you are hapoy with the game from day 1, great. But it definitelt wasn't what they advertised. I was hyped for the game and hype its a double-edged sword. The disappointment is bigger. So yeah, companies dont have any concessions made to me, i dont give them any to them either.

cleft59d ago

If you don't respect a company that has spent years releasing free content to make up for their mistakes than what is even the point of them listening to you at all. It's simple, if you will only condemn them then why should they try to please you. Obviously, its pointless because you will only condemn them.

mixelon8d ago

They didn’t need that much redeeming. The journey from release to now has been really fun. Every few months the game has changed in such fundemental ways that you can’t dismiss the experiences players had before the changes.

I’m very glad I got to play it when it was a weird, solo, creepier isolated experience.

I’m also glad I get to play it now and in the future. Outside of MMOs you rarely see this sort of long term support and adaptation, but nobody was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt when they said they’d be supporting it for years.

TedCruzsTaint8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


Oh yes. Let's salute a company that releases a turd of a product years ago; sold millions of copies, and then made it better, only because some companies release turd products and don't.

Maybe our standards should just be don't release unfinished turd products; or at least not advertise it as a much better game.

KillZallthebeast8d ago

I don't know why a guy who calls himself Ted Cruz's taint is talking about standards

TedCruzsTaint8d ago


I used to be SlapHappyJesus on here, and both accounts are meant to be idiotic sounding in their own right.

That said, if a name means I can't hold to any decent standard, what does that say about you when mine are still of a higher level than yours?

Dannycr6d ago

@Cleft I'm sorry, but If you think they made the content as an apology, maybe you are being too naive.

Some of that content is obvious that it was supposed to be part of the main game, if only they took the time to properly finish it. You think that fixing their game is worthy of praise? It's like applauding Bioware for fixing Andromeda or Anthem, or Bethesda for Fallout 76. Do you forgive them too, or is it just Hello Games because they were a small development team?

No sorry, I expect a lot more from every dev, indie or not. If we keep giving a pass to every single game, we will keep getting all the Steam shitty games, Life of black tiger, etc, and no, I do not want the stores to be riddled with all those crappy games.

@Mixelon: You seem to enjoy the game and have enjoyed it from the start. I can respect that you enjoyed it, however, objectively the game was released in an extremely barebones state, and the fact that the updates have changed the game as much as this serves as proof of the barebones state in which it was launched.

It's nice that you have enjoyed it and that you seem to feel that the price of your game was worth it, however, objectively, it wasn't. It wasn't what they advertised. Defending this practice is extremely dangerous. I'm not saying you are to blame, just hope that you can see how dangerous it is.

KillZallthebeast4d ago

@ted Cruz's saggy taint.

No I didn't really have much to add just felt like a donkey punch

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gangsta_red9d ago

Expanding more on the MP portion for No Man's Sky? How interesting....

Cajun Chicken9d ago

Looking forward to this. Next is great.

bluefox7559d ago

Gotta hand it to these guys. They could have just threw in the towel after the controversial release, but they've went on to create an incredible amount of support for the game. You can tell they're passionate about the game.

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