10 Franchises Sega Seriously Need To Resurrect

Every gamer out there knows that successful franchises are the lifeblood of any big name publisher. Hell, they’ve been almost single-handedly keeping companies such as Capcom, Activision and EA alive for years! One of the oldest and most innovative companies in existence, Sega knows this as well as anyone.

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SickSinceSix3d ago

Bring back Virtua Cop, I miss light gun games but I guess they could put a new entry on VR

darthv722d ago

I was quite surprised VC stopped at only two entries but HotD has like five and a spin off (or two).

Chocoburger2d ago

Virtua Cop 3 was released March 2003.

It was planned for Xbox release then canceled, the arcade board is based on the original Xbox hardware, with double the RAM. A homebrew Xbox can run the game but you have to upgrade the RAM to in order for it to work.

Also possible to play it on PC via emulation.

porkChop2d ago

Virtua Cop in VR. That's kind of what I was thinking.

Godmars2903d ago

Games that would require massive creative overhauls during a time of general creative bankruptcy. The market's become too expensive to take risks.

I_am_Batman3d ago

Ristar, Eternal Champions, Ecco, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Super Hang-On, Golden Axe, Cyborg Justice.

Onyx132d ago

Eternal Champions!!!!😃😃 ;😃

Bronxs152d ago


come to think of it a new ecco could be done in an amazing 2d side style like ori and the blind forest.

Relientk773d ago

Skies of Arcadia
Comix Zone
Golden Axe

darthv722d ago

Golden Axe, they already tried with beast rider but I'd love to see them go back to the beat em up / brawler / hack n slash multiplayer style. We never did get revenge of death adder at home.

Comix zone is a def must. Especially with today's technology coupled with hand drawn animation.

EddieNX 3d ago

Phantasy Star online episodes 1 and 2 remade in UE4.

Might be my favourite ever game

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