Dead or Alive 6 Tech Analysis: PS4/Pro/Xbox One/X/PC - Every Version Tested

Team Ninja return with its signature fighter – Dead or Alive 6 - the first built specifically for Xbox One and PS4 systems. John covers all consoles and PC in this all-in-one tech breakdown. How much of an upgrade is it compared to the last game?

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autobotdan3d ago

Just like I said weeks ago. The Xbox One 4K graphics mode is perfectly made for future Xbox Two backwards compatability. Even John from digital foundry agrees with me. Graphics mode is not meant for Xbox one x. It was meant for the next Xbox with backwards compatibility

motorsport712d ago

thats pretty stupid considering the game is out NOW and the next Xbox is over a year away

autobotdan2d ago

What is pretty stupid? Namco for not making any 4k 60 fps fighter on any current consoles? Capcom? Wait wait nobody has done that. Outside Killer Instinct with Microsoft, nobody else has done 4k & 60fps. Not Capcom, not Namco and not Tecmo. It just hasn't been done. Not on Xbox one x or PS4 Pro. Don't get mad at Tecmo for not doing it. Get mad at Namco also

gamer78042d ago

it's nice to have this option since it takes a long time for another iteration of doa to come out. And current xbox one x owners can use this mode to take some really nice screenshots.

gamer78042d ago

the 4k mode is great for taking screenshots, but I'd agree, given it takes a long time for another iteration of dead or alive, this mode will likely be a huge benefit to the xbox two next year and will make it even better.

AK912d ago

Ya was disappointing the 4K mode ran so poorly on my X but nonetheless I still enjoyed the game for being a fast paced action fighting game.

ChrisW2d ago

The only thing that would make this game better is "NO JAN LEE!!!"