Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - review - STACK

With a new location, new season and the experience and feedback from 'The Division', does Ubisoft’s 'Tom Clancy’s The Division 2' learn to run after learning to walk?

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DaveZero10d ago

The game is amazing, the content and things to do makes for a very easy choice for game of the year..

Killa7810d ago

Have they mentioned if season passes will be free at all? Thanks

Old McGroin10d ago

Just had a look on the PS4 store, season pass in Europe is €39.99. Just waiting for the patch to download, 44GB, damn!

REDGUM10d ago

I was under the impression that the season passes are free/included with the some of the different editions of the game but not the standard ones.
That being said, I'm sure they'll be available with a GOTY edition of the game some time in the far future but to be honest the game sounds & looks too good to wait that long!!

zeetheron10d ago

It will be free. You can buy gold and ultimate edition and get to play the dlc 7 days before standard edition and get some more activities etc.

JeffGUNZ9d ago

Season pass adds some extras and early access to content. ALL year 1 DLC is free regardless of what edition you purchase.

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InMyOpinion9d ago

Having played the first thoroughly and played both betas for The Division 2 I have to say I was greatly disappointed. It shares everything that was wrong with the first one. What annoyed me the most were the bullet sponge bosses that requires no strategy to beat. I was hoping they would have fixed that for the sequel.

JeffGUNZ9d ago

They have rarely any bulletsponges. A lot of the bosses have armorer. If you hit the same area repeatedly, youll see it crack and break off. You hit that part of the body it kills them fast. One of the biggest things they did was remove bulletsponges. I am level 20 something and can kill an elite, yellow bar, in one mag with a blue SMG.

I put in an unhealthy amount of time in Division 1, this game corrected almost everything that needed to be changed with Division 1.

averagejoe269d ago

Same. I enjoyed the first one. Played the beta for 2 and canceled my pre-order.

stevej33610d ago

Seems like a rushed review, kinda just ends and they dont talk about the end game.

rockwhynot9d ago

Are the graphics in this game better than Metro Exodos or Dirt Rally 2?