PC gamers report that Epic launcher collects their Steam friends & play history, Epic Games responds

DSOGaming writes: "A few hours ago, Resetera’s member ‘Madjoki’ discovered that Epic Launcher collecting players’ Steam friends and play history. Going into more details, Madjoki found out that Epic Games Launcher on start up searches for Steam install and proceeds to get list of files in your Steam Cloud. This also includes game saves for every user that has logged in on your PC."

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Blu3_Berry3d ago

So they're literally spying on Steam users information. Wow, just wow. All the things Epic is doing lately is making people including myself hate the store even more and reluctant to use it. They are run by a bunch of Chinese governments. They can spin this however they want, but the matter is they are using their store to collect data from Steam users.

Epic Game Store? More like Epic Spyware Store.

Servbot412d ago

They also don't verify emails. I refuse to use their garbage service, but I checked to see if my emails were in use and sure enough two of them were claimed by Taiwanese.

WombBat2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

They only retrieve the info if you want them to. Epic will win. They minimize the middle man

Servbot412d ago

That has nothing to do with email verification. Anyone can claim any email with no requirement.

TedCruzsTaint2d ago (Edited 2d ago )


Why be a cheerleader for Epic? Their storefront sucks; and the only reason they even still exist as a company is because they got bought out by a foreign company who basically dropped everything that didn't focus on Fortnite; resulting in all of the original talent leaving the studio.

Nah. The store will fail unless they do a 180. They're already on the bad side of PC gamers.

DarkKaine2d ago

To me epic went to shit long before that. Any UT game after the 2003 (or was it 2004?) release has been mediocre at best and I don't give a crap about Fortshite

TedCruzsTaint1d 7h ago

The Epic of old is gone. They got bought out by a Korean company that works with, almost exclusively, free-to-play model; thus Fortnite is pretty much all you will see going forward. They scared away pretty much all of the senior creative talent. Hell, even the latest iteration of Quake, which had promise and didn't have an abusive transaction model, still was nothing impressive.

locomorales3d ago

I'm enjoying to watch the war between epic's fans and valve fans. It's like console wars without consoles.

Sophisticated_Chap3d ago

Not really, it's more like the developers vs gamers.

mkis0072d ago (Edited 2d ago )

No its really not. Every last pc gamer is capable of purchasing on the Epic Store. Entitlement is the only thing preventing them from doing so. The whole "no Steam no buy" culture is cancer. How about you champion the idea of Steam lowering its share of revenue? The only roadblocks are the ones we put in front of ourselves.

I like Steam, and would have preferred to use it it over another store. I can't believe how militant some people are being though.

Chaos-Dad2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Look at Epic´s "Features"... there is nothing... i lost all Steam features but the Games are at the same price, i understand the "share of revenue" problem but why not make the Steam Edition 10$ more and let me decide?

On Epic Store i dont have
-> achievements.
-> my Friends (+200).
-> Cloud Saves
-> Modding Workshop
-> Community (Discussion, Screenshots, Videos...)
-> User Scores
Nothing... And in the German "Epic Store" i can only get a Game with "PayPal" or "Credit Card"... i dont have that.... i need "Gift Cards" like Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Amazon, EA Wallet (Origin) & Netflix. i cant get a Game on this stupid Epic Store.


fiveby92d ago

The problem with EPIC is they have no user reviews and far fewer features. They are a business trying to prevent user feedback provided by user reviews. They'd rather hide shoddy business practices and poor products as that is what publishers want. EIPC and others want no opinions to be visible which prevent the sale of a product. Sure steam could be more competitive with their cost model for publishers but what EPIC does and is doing is not healthy long term for consumers. Clearly EPIC is selling themselves to other publishers as "the publisher-friendly storefront".

opc2d ago

15 years of features vs a brand new search bar.

mkis0072d ago

Regardless, doubtful enough people share that culture enough to impact the games sales in any meaningful way.

NarooN2d ago

The MAIN problem with the Epic store is the lack of security. People have already been getting their accounts hacked and losing access to them. Getting their credit card info and other personal info stolen. That's unacceptable in 2019. The rest of the "features" are trivial at best compared to that.

Teflon022d ago

I'm no steam no buy in those cases. It's not entitlement. One of my favourite features on PS4 is Trophies as a person who likes to 100% games I love etc. So steam achievements has been something I recently got into once I realized you can use an achievement showcase once you leveled up. I have over 250 games, I already have Origin, Uplay, and Battle. net the only things I get on them are owner exclusives that aren't on other platforms. So Ubi has no games but Uno which I got free, Origin only has BF3 to BFV and SWBF2 while battle. net only has Overwatch. I'm not about to use a whole next store because Epic, the people making billions off Fortnite wants to take advantage of the situation. The store will be an after thought the moment Fortnite dies out. Watch, Steam has way more features and convenience for me to even attempt maining another store and the divide is part of the reason alot of gamers stick with consoles. You don't want to have 40 launchers and can't keep up with your games because everythings exclusive etc. I bought Cuphead on steam over MS Store, I didn't buy Super Lucky's tale until it hit steam etc. It's dumb, yeah I don't get 2 copies of the games but atleast all the extra features makes it worth it and everythings unified. (getting my PS4 controls to work on MS Store games is like asking for stress)

Sophisticated_Chap2d ago

Since when did voting with your dollars become "entitlement" ? Its called capitolism. If you don't like it don't buy it, and thats exactly what I'm doing.

Kryptix2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

People who don't think it's a big deal have never used Steam or have seen the Epic Store.

1 month of signing up and my Epic account gets locked out. 4 years of using Steam and I've been good while having plenty of features.

Valve also just recently added better multiplayer connections and options.

To be honest, glad Epic is desperate purchasing timed exclusives, shooting themselves in the foot. (e.g. security holes and spyware info did not blow up till now) It could mean Valve will gear up and develop some new games like they used to.

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ocelot072d ago

Pfft the GPU wars between Nvidia and amd fans are far more entertaining as is the cpu wars between intel and amd fans lol.

Teflon022d ago

Actually it's really getting exciting right now with the big shift that's finally about to happen. AMD is definitely playing hard ball and as a Nvidia/Intel guy they've definitely got my attention as of late. It's the only fan war that I actually find interesting because everything people say is actually facts and based on fair opinions. It educates you on the ups and downs as they all have positives and negatives lol.

Rachel_Alucard2d ago

Somehow people continue to defend this company while playing dumb. All for the sake of some nonsensical "competition" that won't help them, only the creators.

OpenGL2d ago

Glad I don't have it installed.

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