Kotodama for PS4, Switch, and PC Won't Be Censored; Gets New Screenshots and More

London-based publisher PQube opened the Steam page for Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa co-developed by Japanese studio Art, and offered further information on the game.

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PSNintyPCTri10d ago

I’ll pay mind to Sony’s supposed censoring when I play TLoU2. As long as they don’t start censoring language, drug/ alcohol references, blood and gore, then I really couldn’t care less if the games I play don’t always feature fully exposed breast.

DJK1NG_Gaming10d ago

They wont. The censorship only applies to Japanese games.

StormSnooper10d ago

I think this is a good sign that Sony got the memo.

ShockUltraslash10d ago

TLOU2 would not be censored.
Its got gay woman killing strait white males and having sex with other gay women.

Asuka10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Sorry as an Asian Pacific islander I find it offensive that there is no mention of tentacles where is my representation? Then again I'm Asian Pacific islander and nobody gives a f*** about us xD

StormSnooper10d ago

Please take your c**p elsewhere.

Flewid6389d ago

Damn bro, your incel game is strong.

PSNintyPCTri9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Either I’m being misunderstood here, or there are a lot of sexually frustrated dudes seeing my comment. I’m just saying that video game boobs are the last thing I’ll get my undies in a bunch over if they get censored. As long as Sony keeps it real with exclusives like TLoU2, and doesn’t censor what makes the game feel real (gore, language, brutality, etc.), then I really don’t care about boobs being censored in other games. Not that I think censoring is the best choice, but it’s kind of silly to get butthurt over when it only applies to mundane detail.

If Sony does start toning down games like TLoU2, then I will get upset

DJK1NG_Gaming10d ago

Well let's just hope it stays that way. Otherwise it will get delayed on all platform because of Sony.

TheColbertinator10d ago

Sony needs to leave the gaming industry to be fair.

Araragifeels 10d ago

That some next level of ridiculous. Then according to your logic, Nintendo should have left the industry during the WiiU era, when they were censoring games.

Cris7tiano10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

By that logic Nintendo shouldn't have existed either since they were censoring a lot of shit since the 80's. And just wait until the next fire emblem releases, it will get its share of censorship as usual. But of course, the Ninty zealots and peasant DJs will play dead like always. Hypocrites to the core.

cyber_daemonx10d ago

It's the only way xbone would become relevant lol.

rainslacker9d ago

I don't think the content in this game goes to any great extreme, so there may not be anything in it that would fall under their censorship policies.

salmonade10d ago

This is going to be a 'thing now. When they release a game the DEV will have to say if it's being censored or not. That's a good thing. Hopefully Sony and the Devs get the message. There is ZERO need to censor these games. There are age ratings in games and movies for a reason. USE THEM. Do not censor your games

rainslacker9d ago

NISA was already doing it on localizations since about the middle of last gen, and their fans were already annoyed by it. And I agree that devs should highlight it. Even if its only on these niche games, it still looks bad the more attention it gets.

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