Have You Have You Heard Of… ‘Way of the Warrior’? Naughty Dog’s Disastrous Mortal Kombat Clone

For Naughty Dog, it wasn’t always leaping marsupials, discount Indiana Jones wisecracking heroes and post-apocalyptic, surrogate parenting. Nah, long before Jak would nab his first Precursor Orb, or our man Nathan Drake would murder a small country in his pursuit of misplaced shinies, Naughty Dog would bring us Way of the Warrior for Panasonic’s ill-fated 3DO

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gangsta_red10d ago

Lmao, i remember this game! ND should definitely bring this back. Add Uncharted 4 and TLoU secret characters to the roster.

Do it Sony!

Fluttershy7710d ago

I find really hard to believe that you remember this

gangsta_red10d ago

I know, it's a gift and a curse. Black don't crack.

Seraphim10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

it's kind of hard to not forget these atrocious games using live film. Sega CD had a few as well like Sewer Shark and Night Trap. They're a nightmare you simply can't forget if you were growing up during this era.

jznrpg10d ago

I remember this. 3D0 was stupid expensive and seemed cool as a teenager but glad I couldn’t afford it at the time.

Lord_Sloth10d ago

I never heard of this but I'm pretty sure if I had it would stand out in my mind as many of the awful games I played back then still do.

Gamingsince198110d ago

Why does it say "have you have you" ? Is this some reference or just no one reporting it to be fixed ?

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nucky6410d ago (Edited 10d ago )

i remember it too; but, i don't see the point to this opiinion piece. this was over 25 years ago
and wasn't the 3DO $799?

darthv729d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I still own it. It was cool and def cheesy at the same time. As far as bringing it back... that would be neat but they dont own the IP.

As far as ND goes... anybody remember their racy logo for the genesis game rings of power?

gangsta_red9d ago

ND and Sony should try and get those rights back, it's definitely an exclusive that could net a GOTY.

Those MK clones from back in the days were nostalgic horrible greatness. Do you remember the Atari Jaguar game Kasumi Ninja? Now there's a piece of gold that should be revisited.

Didn't the logo involve some code where it would show a woman topless in the beginning?

meganick10d ago

I remember this game. Never played it though. Also didn’t know Naughty Dog made it. That was very naughty of them.

SurgicalMenace10d ago

As did I, and enjoyed it. Funny

TheRacingX10d ago

Still own it.... in my 3D0 collection

Dizzy1152310d ago ShowReplies(2)
AK9110d ago

Yes I remember and I tend to imagine it never existed.

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