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The Defining Games of the PS Vita

With Sony finally putting an end to the PlayStation Vita, we at CGMagazine wanted to look back to see what made the Vita so special, and explore what could have been.

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Community9d ago
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KeenBean3459d ago

Persona 4 is what made me buy a Vita as I didn't own a PS3 + I've always been big on my handhelds. The game is so fantastic and was worth the Vita purchase by itself imo

himdeel9d ago

This just reminds me I need to purchase a 2nd Vita while they are still under $300. Great system and there are so many great games to play.

bluebenjamin9d ago

Vita would still be here if sony didnt shift all its focus to Ps4 in 2013

instantstupor9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

It was such a great handheld. As great as the 3DS is, the Vita is greater in my eyes. The hardware is fantastic, and everything about how it functions is miles ahead of my 3DS XL. The 3DS had some good games and certainly had better long term support, no question there, but I wish so very much that the Vita got that instead.

Fingers crossed for Sony to give handhelds one more go...maybe...Hey! I see you starting to structure a reply! Don't rain on my parade man!

Protagonist9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I agree the Persona fanbase would not have had the fervent fanbase that is now which is similar to what P3P did with the PSP. I know because I´ve been promoting these two games for almost 10 years now and I´ve seen the fanbase grow which each game getting more attention, once people have been recommended getting the games and having played the games.

Profchaos4d ago

My list of games I loved on the vita is probably going to differ greatly to the normal user as most players stuck to the Indies or jrpg but I love big budget titles I absolutely loved playing
Borderlands 2
Call of duty black ops declassified (despite being universally dismissed as a bad game)
Ratchet and Clank remasters
God of war remasters
GTA vice /LCS (which also defined the PSP for me)
The walking dead was also fantastic on the vita
The battlefront PSP games were actually so much better with a right analog stick
Assassins Creed

There was probably more I was a huge supporter of the system when I had the opportunity to buy a vita game over the PS3 version I absolutely took that chance I think I was one of the only people I know that still have their vita hanging about and had a 64gb card for it.

It's a shame it never took off full quality console gaming on the go is fantastic I think the switch is proving this I think the vita was just a victim of it's time it was slightly to early to take advantage of better hardware and it was born in the middle of a mobile phone arm race and people thought that mobiles were actually close to surpassing the vita graphically with Devs like EA focusing purely on iOS and Android for mobile games and shifting away from portable titles on the vita.