Sniper Elite 5 is Coming, Along With 3 More Sniper Elite Games

From GameWatcher: "It's been two years since the release of Sniper Elite 4, the fantastic 4th title in Rebellion's beloved shooter series, so we're due for a new game in the series. Rebellion agrees, as the studio has revealed that Sniper Elite 5 is in production, along with several other Sniper Elite games."

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isarai10d ago

Hmm? really hoping the remaster or remake the first Sniper Elite at some point. Interested to see how they can improve on what Sniper Elite 4 accomplished.

rand010d ago

These are some of the most under the radar AAA quality SP games ever. I loved part 4 so much it made me re-purchase part 3.

Hardiman10d ago

I agree and 4 was my first SE game and boy did I enjoy it!

sprinterboy10d ago

So much replay value and the challanges are spot on with difficulty levels.

Abnor_Mal10d ago

I've played all of them, can't really say which is my favorite though, idky. I also see that there a remaster/make of some sort for SE:V2, would have preferred the original to be remade first.

sprinterboy10d ago

Awesome news, my friend will be pleased he literally only plays sniper elite v
and ghost warrior lol.

Zeke6810d ago

Tell him to send me a copy of "sniper elite V" (5) too. Why should we wait until 2020 if your friend already got it ?! /jk

mkis00710d ago

I wish there was more external gore.

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