Warner Bros and Turtle Rock Studios Announce Back 4 Blood from the creators of Left for Dead

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios have announced Back 4 Blood, from the creators and development team behind the critically acclaimed, co-op phenomenon Left 4 Dead.

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gangsta_red10d ago

Now THIS is very exciting news!

Ricegum10d ago

Really? Evolve was terrible.

gangsta_red10d ago

This isn't Evolve though.

Two great Left 4 Dead games, one not so great game with Evolve, then fans asking for a return to L4D and they announce this return to their roots and people are still complaining?

FunAndGun10d ago

Evolve wasn't a terrible game as far as gameplay. The way they released it with different versions and DLC up the ying yang was a mess though.

WickedLester10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I didn't like the concept of Evolve, but this isn't what Evolve was and it doesn't mean this dev team isn't still talented. I'm very interested in this one!

gangsta_red10d ago

I liked the concept of Evolve the problem was relying on others to play it properly. You were either with a team that were terrible, noobs or just not very team focued or you had a player playing the monster who was just as terrible.

It made a lot of the game sessions terrible. It's the same type of experiences I've had with Friday the 13th or Dead by Daylight.

If the monster was perhaps controlled by an AI or if they just would have made a L4D design type of game set in space it would have been much better experience.

OneLove10d ago

Eh. I like evolve, at least being a monster

gam3r_4_lif310d ago

Evolve was not terrible, it was just too much to assume gamers would actually work together in an online game

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NarutoFox10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Why is it exciting?

gangsta_red10d ago

Why does the heart want what it wants?

nibblo10d ago

You must be down voted by people who have never played the L4D series.

gangsta_red10d ago

It's a MP, online focused game so I can see why some here might disagree with me being excited for this game.

REDDURT10d ago

?? Evolve is a good game. It’s the same concept as two recent games . Dead by daylight and Friday the 13th. They killed it with dlc and it was the most atrocious use of dlc.

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Sgt_Slaughter10d ago

After EVOLVE happened, I'm not at all hyped. That was a mess.

DaDrunkenJester10d ago

I doubt this will be like Evolve, but I agree. The concept was intriguing, but the execution was a complete fail.

TheProfessional10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Completely lost faith in this team after Evolve, that game was GARBAGE. Hopefully this isn't more of the same. They could've done anything after left 4 dead and they made that, who knows how many people from the original left 4 dead teams are even left. Now they're going to do another zombie game when zombies are currently the most overused trend in gaming. Great.

That greedy joke gabe newell should have let them make left 4 dead 3 years ago when there was still interest.

Lore10d ago

Technically many trends are overused. It’s how you use them. I personally hope there is always zombie/post-apocalyptic experiences. Allows players to relate to what they would do in a real world scenario.

gam3r_4_lif310d ago

Speak for yourself. Evolve looked great and had some great ideas, it was just too hard to balance the 5 v 1 thing, especially when teams did not work together or ppl did not know how to play their class. But they made 2 amazing games and one that did not hit. Most of my friends would love a another left 4 dead style game. I am playing vermintide 2 at the mo

Blu3_Berry10d ago

Hopefully they learned from Evolve. That game had so much potential with the world building and everything, but they decided to make it purely PvP with some PvE elemnts in it which I think was a bad move. Had it been a full on co-op game that takes players through various levels or a similar structure to Borderlands then I think it would've been much better.

Fist4achin10d ago

I had high hopes for evolve, but it was released as a turd. I think it wasn't the team's decision to put the game out like that. I think they (Valve) tried to maximize their profits and that's why it failed miserably.

Hopefully this will be back to good and the team will have a little more freedom.

gam3r_4_lif310d ago

Valve had nothing to do with Evolve

Fist4achin10d ago


You are correct. Sorry. Been a long day at work. It didn't and I can recognize when I am wrong. Thanks

-Foxtrot10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Meh. Not sure what to think

Evolve was awful...despite what the reviews said, one of those games where the reviews pretty much said you need to know about games journalism today

No Way10d ago

Y'all are a bunch of unforgiving brats, lol. Everyone always wants devs to make something new. Make something fresh. But when they try - y'all don't support them. If they failed, it doesn't mean they are bad. Most people learn from their lessons.

No one even knows what they are coming out with but it's all "No way! Evolve sucked! DOWN WITH THEM!" Seriously?

-Foxtrot10d ago

Calls people brats...

Acts like a brat

That logic

Forn9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

You can try something new. In fact, I'd say that's what gamers really want. That's not the issue. The issue is if developers/publishers release a good game or not.

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