Kingdom Hearts III update to change Olaf's Japanese voice following actor Pierre Taki’s arrest

Square Enix will release an update for Kingdom Hearts III in Japan that changes the Japanese voice of Olaf, who appears in the game’s Frozen-set world Arendelle, the company announced. In Japan, Olaf is voiced by Pierre Taki, who was recently arrested for allegedly using cocaine in violation of Japan’s drug control law.

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Community9d ago
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InKnight7s9d ago

So what would exactly happen to Yakuza spin off?

PhantomS429d ago

It got pulled from shelves in Japan and dropped all marketing of the game. Not sure about the Western release.

antikbaka9d ago

jesus..just because the guy was taking drugs. Some jap laws are as stupid as sharia ones

Kinglink9d ago

What's interesting is the creator of Rurouni Kenshin was caught with Child porn and nothing happened to his manga, it's still available, but Jesus Cocaine? We need to change this at great expense, and pull the Sega game immediately!

OMGitzThatGuy9d ago

Fined and a slap on the wrist, Japan customs are weird sometimes.

Cobra9519d ago

They think our hardline stance on underage sex is weird, just like we think their hardline stance on drugs is weird. Cultural differences.

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rainslacker9d ago

Yeah, this seems extreme in this case. Game has been out long enough, I really don't see the point in changing it now. I know VA's are more known in Japan than they are in the US/EU, but at the same time, I can't imagine that most people are going to care that he worked on this game a year or so ago, or that he was even the VA anyways. I couldn't name the voice of Olaf in the game. Heck, I only know Sora's voice actor because of how much I dislike the voice he uses for Sora...mostly because I prefer the voice from the first game, which was better, and was done by the same voice actor.

I can't imagine this is an actual law in Japan that companies have to pull products because a person performs an illegal act. That'd be completely irrational and cost way too much money, because these companies are not responsible for the actions of these people's personal lives.

Ninte9d ago

Pathetic like what's happening to the English voice of broly, they took his name of the credits.