Anthem Legendary Item Drops Behind Force Field and Can’t Be Picked Up, BioWare Apologizes for Issue

An Anthem Legendary item drops as the player is locked behind a force field rendering it unobtainable. BioWare apologies for the issue and outlines fixes.

Sono4213d ago

lol wtf, I feel so bad for him!.... because he bought the game.

averagejoe263d ago (Edited 3d ago )

You still get the loot at the end of the match tho. This article is confused.

excaliburps3d ago

@averagejoe Read it? Multiple people have encountered the same thing, and have NOT gotten the loot mailed to them. Chalk it up to a bug or something.

Michiel19893d ago

@joe yeah they tried to make it so that you get high raririty drops automatically even if you dont pick it up. It works.....sometimes....but like everything else in this game it might just be bugged or not work as intended.

averagejoe263d ago

Not really. You still get the loot at the end of the run. You don't have to physically pick it up.

Nitrowolf23d ago

According to one of the users of the article that’s not always the case, Which has happened to me for some of my little drops as well or they don’t show up at the end knowing that I got that specific rarity

OCEANGROWNKUSH3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


You dont need to copy paste the same statement to every comment thread. Also loot is not guranteed to drop at the end of the match, confirmed.

excaliburps3d ago

@OCEANGROWNKUSH: LOL! Seems like this average guy can work for BioWare with how he's working overtime defending the game.

excaliburps3d ago

Check it. His drop can't be accessed due to the force field in the game. :(

averagejoe263d ago

You don't have to physically pick up drops to get them. The player still gets it at the end of the run.

Darkborn3d ago

All drops are behind force fields confirmed.

Old McGroin3d ago

This is what counts for news these days?

rainslacker2d ago

I've had similar things happen in many games. It's annoying as all hell. Never thought a random collision detection bug which caused something like this to be newsworthy.

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