Why Life Is Strange 2 Consequences Differ to Those in The Walking Dead, Detroit

Developer Dontnod Entertainment has revealed why it took a different approach with how choices have an impact in Life Is Strange 2.

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JKSimmons9d ago

Well, I'm glad they took their own approach on it. Don't want everyone to do the same thing after all.

AK919d ago

lol the consequences in LiS games (along with everything else) are a joke in comparison to Detroit and TWD.

gamer78049d ago

First Life is strange was good, the second one was a bunch of political posturing and reverse racism...

Hungryalpaca8d ago

There’s no such this as reverse racism. It’s just racism.

Servbot418d ago

Yup, its just racism. People need to stop trying to sugar coat it call it what it is.

gamer78047d ago

@Hungryalpaca agreed I know, I only used reverse racism in this sense because they tried to portray racism, but it ended up only doing reverse to the other characters in the process.

Aloren4d ago

Detroit had real consequences. But TWD ? In TWD season 1, you only decide if people die now or 5 minutes later. In the end, no matter what you do, it's still just Clem , Omid and Christa. At least in Lis 1, you can actually have characters that live or die in the end depending on your choices.

shaenoide9d ago

There is so much time between each chapter that I have forgotten nearly all the story

salmonade9d ago

LiS 2 is complete garbage.

King_Noctis9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

There is nothing wrong with the atmosphere, the setting, or the gameplay. The problem is its story and the sjw bs.

They should had just continued the story of Chloe/Max.

salmonade9d ago

It's boring AF. The sketching parts are so terrible. "Grab the pen dude". I just hate it so much. The political aspect is also cringeworthy. I hope the game fails to sell. I hope they lose heaps of money

gamer78047d ago

hopefully the comics don't do that, haven't read it yet