Shenmue III First Gameplay Preview

IGN saw gameplay of the highly anticipated continuation of Ryo Hazuki’s journey, and sat down with the man behind the Shenmue series, Yu Suzuki.

AmUnRa2d ago

One of my most loved games when i was younger. Shenmue... O the memorys😪

Gonna buy it and i love what Yu Suzuki has done with this game, i think i'am gonna love it.

cfc832d ago

I think the game will be a very good one. Of course there will be more characters, so obviously you can't conversate with all of them. I'm also glad Suzuki is working on the game. It's a title he cares alot about.

Alek832d ago

"can no longer interact with every single NPC"
"The battle system and part-time jobs don’t feel as fleshed out as before"
Well crap.

I'm still going to get it, but I already don't like what they are saying. Hopefully they are wrong.

TacoTaco2d ago

Is this game the only example in gaming history of a title being announced at a first-party's keynote speech that went on to become [and remain] a crowd-sourced title? I understand it's got a publisher now but still... It seemed awkward to me, a vote of next-to-no confidence but just enough to give it time in the spotlight.

Vandamme212d ago

In shenmue 2, there are some NPC’s you could not interact with.

cfc832d ago

Being able to conversate with 75% of 300 Npc is better than interacting with 100% of 100 npc.

Estevez2d ago

I like it when people say "I think it will be a good game" or "I think I am gonna like it" cause I liked the original from like 15 years ago. I am very positive that it will be like previous refresh - outdated, poor graphics and generally - disappointment sold for $30...

timotim2d ago

Loved the part time jobs of the first two. Hated the guy's voice while moving the crates.

S2Killinit2d ago

Its IGN, so dont worry. They have very little credibility.

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Fishy Fingers2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Can I race forklifts?

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