The Division 2 Update 1.03 Is Now Out, Here's the Full List of Changes

Ubisoft has dropped The Division title update 1.03, and while it's a relatively small patch, it includes a list of much-needed fixes.

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Adexus11d ago

"The known issue with two players crashing when they’re on the same network has yet to be addressed, and will most likely be fixed by the next patch. There is a workaround though if you’re experiencing it."

This has already been fixed :)

excaliburps10d ago

Nice! Has PS4 Pro audio issues been fixed as well?

GameBoyColor10d ago

When audio drops out after an hour? That should be fixed since it opened to early access, but they also said they made a few more audio fixes in this patch, mostly to do with weapons though. Otherwise I don't know what other audio issues there is currently since i have to wait till freakin friday!

Adexus10d ago

Not sure about that, on PC myself :)

Nodoze10d ago

What a difference compared to Anthem....

Vegamyster10d ago

The first Division had a pretty rough launch and the first content drops (1.1-1.3) broke the games balancing so badly that the dev team announced they would stop development on DLC and completely rework the game with help from the community. That games massive growing pains is the reason The Division 2 looks as good as it does, Anthem reminds me very much of the first Division in that regard.

conanlifts10d ago

The difference is that Ubisoft saw the issues and spent a long time fixing them. Kudos to them for that. Very few games get that level of changes and fixes. With Anthem it is possible that they will fix them, but with their reputation no one is confident they will deliver the needed fixes before moving on to something else. What they should and hopefully are aware of is that if they fail to adequately fix Anthem they will lose a lot of their core fans and it will take years to regain peoples trust.

Vegamyster10d ago

The devs seem to be open on Reddit about fixing Anthem but only time will tell.